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Wizards given more preparation time, just what Bradley Beal wanted

Washington Wizards were slated to return to action on Friday after dealing with COVID troubles for nearly two weeks and it had irked their guard Bradley Beal, who believes the team needs more prep time. Now, what looks like his wish was heard by the NBA as they have decided to let the Wizards have one more day off to make ready.

The Wizards have suffered a total of five postponements in the last 11 days, currently the highest no of postponements in the ongoing NBA season. Last week, six players from the team had tested positive for the virus and since then, they have been unable to train as well.

NBA calls off Wizards’ clash against Bucks on Friday to give them more prep time

Although after their fifth postponement, their Wednesday clash against Charlotte Hornets which was called off, there were no further statements from the league if their Milwaukee Bucks fixture on Friday would go through or not because the Warriors team wasn’t just ready for a match.

The silence from the NBA generated a response from Bradley Beal, who stated that such little buffer before their Bucks clash was a “recipe for injury” and they were “fighting the league”.

Interestingly, Beal’s words were fulfilled by the league, as they have called off the Warriors vs Bucks tie “due to the number of unavailable players for the Wizards, contact tracing for other players on their roster, and the length of time preceding the game during which the team was unable to practice.”

To be eligible for a match, each NBA team must have at least eight players ready. However, considering the situation in the dressing room, the Warriors were not positive to have the lowest eligible number of players before Friday with concerns of the virus situation as well as injuries.

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While Beal’s wish came true, the head coach Scott Brooks, on the other hand, has full faith on the league and any decision they will take amidst the pandemic situation.

We still trust in the NBA and the medical, the science and everything behind it,” Brooks said in a recent interview with AFP, “they are going to put us in the best position possible.”

With three wins and eight losses so far, Wizards are currently down in the 14th position in the Eastern Conference table. They last played a game against Phoenix Suns back on 11th January, where Wizards won 128-107. 


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