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The Undertaker believes there’s “not enough substance” in WWE at present

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WWE Legend The Undertaker recently joined The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify and shared his thoughts on the current quality of the wrestling product that WWE has. He further noted the issues the current product has.

The Undertaker opens up on the quality of wrestling in WWE

It is needless to say The Undertaker who completed thirty years in the company back in November has an ample amount of experience and getting analysis from the legend himself is quite worth it.

During the conversation, he went onto speak about the product displayed by WWE. He said that is views might anger some people. According to The Phenom, the product has undergone changes over the years and believes it has become ‘a little soft’ and the young talents in the company lacks ‘substance’ in them.

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He said: “The product has changed so much and it’s kind of off. I’ll probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it. It is what it is. To the young guys [who think] he’s a bitter old guy, I’m not bitter.”

He added: “I just think the product is a little soft. There’s guys here and there that have an edge to them but there’s too much pretty and not enough substance I think right now.”

The Undertaker explains how the product changed

The Undertaker believes the young talents did not get the opportunity to work with the experienced talents as the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Deadman himself.

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He said: “One of the big things that happened was that the generation before, we all got old at the same time so there weren’t enough guys to work with the young guys. You can listen to [the fans on the internet] or you can listen to someone who’s been there and done it. There was just not enough of the merging of the young and new talent.”

He added: “We aged out and it left all these young guys to learn with more young guys and the product changed.”

The Undertaker fought his last match at WrestleMania 36 against AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match. He had his farewell at WWE Survivor Series when he completed three decades in the business.

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