Vince McMahon shockingly relinquishes control for SmackDown?

vince mcmahon smackdown
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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon takes all the final calls in the programming. He also regularly makes his presence felt being backstage during the airing of the shows. There is no doubt about his workaholic nature but as per the reports, WWE Chairman was not backstage during the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

Vince McMahon had control over phone call during SmackDown

vince mcmahon smackdown

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Vince McMahon is extremely particular about his work and never backs off in any situation. He keeps authority and control with himself, even when he is not present backstage during the shows. As it turns out, Ringside News reported Vince McMahon was absent from SmackDown this week. He was still “on the phone all day long in control.” The show went as he instructed, even in his absence.

It was not noted why Vince McMahon missed SmackDown, but he wasn’t there at all on Friday. But, the communication never stopped with the employees working at the venue. WWE did a lot of planning for their Madison Square Garden show next week.

Brock Lesnar is set to make his return to SmackDown and they are running a SummerSlam rematch with Seth Rollins vs Edge. That will be a huge show as WWE returns to the World’s Most Famous Arena.

It is to be seen if Vince McMahon’s absence will continue on Raw next week on Monday as well or he returns to his duties backstage.

John Cena hails Vince McMahon as the best actor in WWE

John Cena recently made an appearance on That Scene with Dan Patrick and he was asked who was the best in-ring actor that he had ever come across. Despite working with several crossover stars, Cena named his boss and WWE’s owner as the best.

Here is what John Cena said:

“Vince McMahon.This is his thing and he took it from being a regional thing to national and global. He gets it because he created it. The way he walks, the way he talks, his run as the Chairman in the middle of the Attitude Era, evil Vince, he’s made for it. And he gets it. Like he puts ego and self aside and goes out there and gives everything to it.”

Vince is packed with energy and his enthusiasm even at the age of 76, is incredible. It seems he has a lot left in his tank and will not be stepping down as the Chairman anytime soon.