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“You Don’t Subscribe to My Podcast?” – Patrick Beverley Denies Interview in Bizarre Move

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The NBA playoffs are often filled with high emotions, but a recent incident involving Patrick Beverley and ESPN reporter Malinda Adams has sparked outrage and discussions about professionalism and media access.

The Incident: Podcast Subscription as Interview Gatekeeper

Following the Milwaukee Bucks’ elimination from the playoffs, Patrick Beverley, visibly frustrated with the loss, addressed the media in the locker room. However, he singled out Adams, refusing to answer her questions because she allegedly wasn’t subscribed to his podcast.

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This bizarre justification for denying an interview from a respected journalist like Adams has drawn widespread criticism. As highlighted by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

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“Veteran producer Malinda Adams happens to be one of the most respected and professional people we have at ESPN. Bev, you’re going to have to make a couple apologies for stuff tonight.”

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This incident isn’t an isolated case. Patrick Beverley has consistently maintained that NBA media members must be subscribed to his podcast to speak with him. This peculiar requirement emerged after his trade to the Milwaukee Bucks. It seems that Patrick Beverley places podcast subscriptions above traditional media credentials when granting interviews.

Unprofessional Conduct and Disrespecting Journalism

"You Don't Subscribe to My Podcast?" - Patrick Beverley Denies Interview in Bizarre Move - THE SPORTS ROOM

Patrick Beverley’s actions raise serious concerns about professionalism and respect for media access. Holding interviews hostage based on personal podcast subscriptions sets a dangerous precedent and undermines the fundamental role of journalists in covering sporting events.

Malinda Adams’ reputation as a respected and experienced reporter further emphasizes the absurdity of Patrick Beverley’s justification. Her work ethic and contributions to sports journalism deserve respect, regardless of podcast subscriptions.

Beyond the Podcast: A Pattern of Questionable Behavior

This incident isn’t the first time Patrick Beverley’s conduct has raised eyebrows. During the same post-game press conference, he demanded another reporter leave after she asked a question he deemed irrelevant.

While athletes are understandably emotional after losses, such actions demonstrate a lack of respect for the media and their role in disseminating information to the public.

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