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Tips on Predicting the NFL

The NFL had an average viewership of 17.1 million in 2022. Whether you want to tune in for pure entertainment or place a wager, predicting the NFL can impress your friends and put extra cash in your pocket. Unless you’re a seasoned sports better, this is tricky to achieve!

To succeed in your predictions, you need a few extra resources and strategies. Why aim in the dark when you can make informed decisions about each outcome?

We’re here to help. Read on for tips to help you predict the NFL.

Use Computer Prop Predictions to Maximise Your Chances

We could all use a little help sometimes and wagering on the NFL is no different. When placing proposition or spread bets, the right prediction sources are invaluable. The best systems use past game data, matched by similarity to the upcoming game to calculate probability.

Due to the nature of proposition betting, you can use predictions to wager on all sorts of outcomes.

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Anytime touchdown predictions are super popular options. These player prop bets use past player performances to work out the odds. Proposition prediction systems use all the data out there to boost your chances.

Plus or minus wagers are always popular. The best prediction systems achieve staggering accuracy for these, helping you wager wins or loss by point difference. Another option is over or under-betting, predicting a game will end with a specific total score.

What Level of Quality Can Each Team Bring?

Quality matters on an individual and team level. Sure, one team might have the star quarterback turning heads, but how well do the team play as a cohesive whole. New signings, injuries and training all factor into team quality.

You need to dig deep into the performance and skill of each player. Even the minor players yet to make a name for themselves affect the outcome, and any crack in the defensive armour can be exploited by the opposing team. How solid is the defensive line?

Look at the playing style of each team too. Different teams perform better or worse against those with different styles. A team with a powerful attacking style may fall flat against certain opponents. Become a professor of the game and analyse it like a pro.

Location Affects Players, Teams and Outcomes

Home teams are usually the favourite to win. This is often psychological – the pressure is greater when a team travels to a different city or state, knowing the local fans want them to lose. Jet lag is important to consider for long-distance travel too, and a large time difference affect play.

There is also a training component to the game’s location. Stadiums and fields have personalities of their own. The team most used to the stadium will fare better against an even opponent. They know all the areas and how to play them to their advantage.

Weather affects energy, fitness, mood and focus. Dig into a team’s past performances in certain conditions, then match these up to expected weather on gameday.

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