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The Rock reacts to hysterical house show with Kurt Angle

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A house show is the place to be for a pro-wrestling fan when in search of a gala time. You are bound to miss out on a lot of fun if you skip the house shows. The creative control that the WWE Superstars have in their matches is one of the biggest distinctions between such house shows and the TV events. One of WWE’s biggest stars, The Rock recently posted a similar incident on his Twitter account.

The Rock
Image Courtesy: Getty/WWE

In a video retweeted by The People’s Champ, the fun that The Rock is having in the ring with fellow wrestler Kurt Angle is surely going to make the Attitude era fans grin.

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The footage captures how The Rock exits the ring as  Angle is busy running the ropes of the squared circle. This ultimately results in Angle realising that his fellow wrestler has left the ring as he is running the ropes. It more or less made Angle look a little stupid with him doing his moves despite his opponent quietly escaping the ring without his knowledge. The Great One also reminded how fours years prior to the event Angle stood fought against all odds to capture an Olympic Gold Medal, yes as we all know, with a broken neck.

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The Rock and Kurt Angle came face to face in a lot of memorable gruelling matches in their illustrious WWE careers. With Kurt Angle hanging up his boots post his Wrestlemania 35 clash with Baron Corbin and The Rock headlining blockbuster Hollywood movies, witnessing them back ring action seems like a distant dream. The Rock’s last wrestling match was the infamous Wrestlemania nine-second match with Erick Rowan.

WWE with its tight schedule can surely take a toll on the WWE Superstars. The wrestlers have to be on the road constantly, shifting from one show to another. Amidst such a tiring calendar, house shows are more or less a welcome event for them.

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The throwback video shared by The Rock undoubtedly brought back the good old memories of the highly popular Attitude Era. Moreover, WWE fans too would be looking forward to witnessing more such fun house shows once the whole Covid-19 scenario is under control.

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