The Miz outlines how John Cena made him next level WWE champion

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WWE star The Miz during the latest WWE 24 Documentary which revolved around him spoke about wrestler-turned-actor, John Cena. He spoke highly of the WWE veteran and revealed how he helped him get better as the champion.

The Miz credits John Cena for making him high caliber champion

The Miz outlines how John Cena made him next level WWE champion - THE SPORTS ROOM

The Miz and John Cena share a rich history as rivals but the former shared some unknown real life stories about the Cenation Leader. We have seen them square off in the ring several times but we did not know about the stories until The Miz shared it on WWE 24.

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Over the years The Awesome One has worked hard to make his way up the ranks and held several titles. But, he has main-evented WrestleMania as the WWE Champion and faced John Cena. In total, he has had two reigns with the title.

During the WWE 24 documentary, The Miz revealed that John Cena took him to the next level and taught him to be a WWE Champion.

He said: “Once you get into WWE, it takes time to develop confidence, to be at a level in which you need to be, and sometimes you think you’re there but you’re not.”

He explained that it was Cena who taught him to be the champion and working with him at live events has helped a lot.

He said: “And I didn’t realize I wasn’t there until I started wrestling John Cena. John Cena taught me more than I could ever imagine. I remember going on live events and learning from John Cena. He taught me what it takes to be the caliber of superstar I needed to be to be WWE Champion.”

The Miz went on to successfully defend his WWE title at WrestleMania 27. They have collided multiple times at live events in June 2009 and November 2010.

Though, The Miz had previously stated that he doesn’t need a title to remain relevant in the company but he has always excelled with the titles he has ever held. It is to be seen what the future holds for him and who knows he might end up becoming the WWE Champion once again.

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