Edge says ‘sorry’ to Kurt Angle for doing this

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WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently apologized to WWE legend Kurt Angle for doing a ‘mistake’ but that turned out to be one of the most memorable things in WWE.

Edge apologizes for creating “You suck” chants

Edge says 'sorry' to Kurt Angle for doing this - THE SPORTS ROOM

“You Suck” is one of the iconic chants in the world of WWE. Moreover, fans enjoy chanting the phrase when Kurt Angle’s music hits. But, it had originally developed from an old segment involving both the stars.

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But, it was Edge who had pioneered the chant. The chant remained popular and became a major part of Kurt Angle’s theme and went on to become an iconic chant.

The chant was born on an edition of Monday Night Raw when The Olympic Gold Medalist had decided to reveal his new t-shirt. But, Edge had tampered the writings on the t-shirt changing it to “You Suck”.

Kurt Angle recently posted a video on Instagram, sharing the origins of the “You Suck” chant. Angle also sarcastically thanked Edge for starting the chant.

The post got plenty of responses. But, the comment that got most attention was from The Rated-R Superstar, who apologized for the chant and also commented on his attire at that time to make Angle feel better.

He replied : “Sorry Kurt. Love you. Makes you feel any better I’m wearing pleather pants and a wet spandex button up.”

The former WWE star might be apologetic of his actions but fans have loved the chant over the years.

Kurt Angle shares his thoughts on Gable Steveson

Angle recently commented on one of the biggest wrestling prospects – Gable Steveson, formerly known as Jason Jordan.

He said:

“I think he is going to be a big star. Look at his look. If he adapts to pro wrestling and picks it up like Brock Lesnar, he is going to be exactly like Brock Lesnar.So, I think he needs to take the chance. Whether he goes to MMA or WWE, one or the other, but he’s got to do one of them. I think that he is a future star regardless of whatever he does. He’s got a great look to him. Great athlete.”

It is to be what WWE has in store for Gable Steveson.

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