Kurt Angle recalls his tenure with the first ‘Reigns’ of SmackDown

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle during the latest edition of ‘Ask Kurt Anything’ on AdFreeShows.com, opened up on a forgotten wrestler who was once part of WWE and had worked with him.

Kurt Angle discusses his experience of working with Luther Reigns

Kurt Angle

The second name ‘Reigns’ is quite popular now because of Roman Reigns but very less people remember that a star named Luther Reigns had emerged in WWE back in 2004 who showed great feat of power and possessed good physique.

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Luther Reigns(Matthew Robert Wiese) had made his WWE main roster debut in April 2004. He was introduced as Kurt Angle’s on-screen assistant when he was the SmackDown General Manager at the time.

Though the star had the qualities in him, it did not click for him and was eventually released by WWE in 2005.

During the interview, Kurt Angle who had worked with Reigns spoke highly of him and also mentioned that he had the mic skills as well.

Angle then revealed that Vince McMahon was very fond of Reigns and saw the potential in him.

He said: “Luther had it all. He was a pretty good worker, not exceptional, but he was pretty good. He had a great look. He could talk on the microphone. I’m not sure why he didn’t pan out, but he was cool to work with. You know, they didn’t have him to do a lot of in-ring stuff, and he never really came to fruition.”

As mentioned the things did not go well for Luther Reigns though Vince McMahon loved him at the onset of his debut. Angle believes he had big plans for Reigns but somehow in did not click.

Angle explained: “Nothing ever came out of him, so I’m not sure why that didn’t happen because I know Vince loved him at the beginning. He absolutely loved him. (Vince) was crazy about him and had big plans for him; that’s why they put him with me.”

Luther Reigns used to compete on WWE Velocity which is a defuct show show now and had won majority of the matches he had competed in.

Due to the creative differences with Paul Heyman he had requested his WWE release and was eventually relieved of his duties in May 2005. Soon after the release he announced his retirement from in-ring competition.