Big Cass returns and debuts for Impact Wrestling

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The former WWE star Big Cass recently made his debut in Impact Wrestling as he made an appearance at Impact Wrestling’s latest pay-per-view, Rebellion.

Big Cass comes out as William Morrissey

Big Cass returns and debuts for Impact Wrestling - THE SPORTS ROOM

Big Cass who now goes by the name William Morrissey surprised everyone with his debut at Impact Wrestling Rebellion.

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After making several appearances for the independent promotions, he finally took a call and now joined Impact Wrestling, which has been on cards for months.

At the event, Big Cass came out as the replacement of another former WWE star, Eric Young. The star had suffered an injury that ruled out of the card. He had sustained a torn ACL.

He was originally supposed to lead his stable Violet By Design against Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin, and James Storm.

Morrissey was the highlight of the match and he was one to score the pinfall and get the victory for his team. He had pinned Willie Mack for the three count and gave a bright star to his stint in Impact Wrestling.

Big Cass’ journey in WWE

Cass had been a part of WWE for eight years and had started well with the company. Teaming with Enzo Amore, they soon drew some attention of the fans and were immediately embraced by WWE Universe.

The tag-team eventually got split and they worked in the singles competition. Cass had got a well deserved ‘push’ but that did not last long as he was released by the company back in 2019 due to his behaviour.

He will apparently be working as the powerhouse and the dominant force in the Impact Wrestling. It is to be seen how the promotions plans for the star in the upcoming future. He has also recently worked on his physique, something which has been heavily criticized previously.

Reports also say that he had to battle with depression and alcohol addiction. But,following his return to the indie circuit, he has improved a lot and could be in the best shape of his career.

We have to wait and watch how it goes for him at the promotion.With the abilities he possess he could soon make his way up the ranks and who knows might get a shot at the world title.

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