Mustafa Ali credits this WWE star for his ‘push’

Mustafa Ali
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WWE star Mustafa Ali broke out to the main roster and started working on SmackDown following his great stint in 205 Live. He eventually got the push he deserved and he recently took to his social media account to credit a fellow WWE star.

Mustafa Ali says Daniel Bryan played a role for his main roster call-up

Mustafa Ali credits this WWE star for his 'push' - THE SPORTS ROOM

Mustafa Ali is undoubtedly a talented star in WWE but his push was scrapped off due to an unfortunate injury he had sustained. His injury came as a blessing in disguise for Kofi Kingston who went on to enjoy the push.

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But speaking of Ali, the fans had really backed the star when he started getting the push. Recently, fans started wondering what the backstory was regarding Mustafa Ali’s segment with Daniel Bryan from 2018.

Ali recently took to Twitter and responded to fans. He also confirmed that it was because of Daniel Bryan he got the opportunity to get into SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan is now a veteran star and now focusses more on getting over the younger talents and Mustafa Ali was one of them. When a discussion started as to who should get the push, it was Bryan who popped up Mustafa Ali’s name.

Mustafa Ali wrote: “Daniel Bryan goes, “we need to invest in the future.” They go, “who do you have in mind.” Bryan says, “give me Ali.” He may or may not have also called me a “hot, young babyface.”

Check out the Tweet below:

Mustafa Ali had lost the ‘push’ due to the injury and since then he had been struggling in the main roster. There has been ups and down recently. After several months of teasing, WWE had introduced him as the leader of the vigilante group RETRIBUTION.

But the faction was not well received by the WWE Universe and due to the decision of poor booking, the faction lost its importance in the company.

Eventually WWE decided to scrap the future plans of the faction and it got disbanded after the members turned on their leader. Ali is now competing in singles competition and it is to be seen what the future holds for the star.