‘The Fiend’ gimmick is lambasted by WWE veteran

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The Fiend, who is portrayed as the alter-ego of Bray Wyatt is one of the top gimmicks in WWE and fans have loved it ever since his introduction. The fierce nature and the frightening appearance of the star had certainly drawn from attention. However, there has been some poor booking and now WWE legend Jim Cornette has been critical of it.

Jim Cornette says The Fiend is ’embarrassing’

Pro-wrestling legend Jim Cornette on the latest edition of “Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru” made some bold statements on the star who has been on-screen for a couple of years.

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The Fiend

The Fiend gimmick has supernatural powers but that has not been warmly welcomed by Jim Cornette and criticized the recent spots that alter-ego of Bray Wyatt has been involved in.

Cornette said: “This whole thing is just… probably the worst.And over the last year and a half or two years, imagine how much that takes in. As probably 50% of it has involved The Fiend. Every time we see him it’s garbage. It’s goofy f**ing puppets appearing out of nowhere. It’s supernatural bulls*t, black sludge vomit, being killed in front of us and then just getting up or whatever.”

According to Cornette, the spots he has been a part of are not typical ‘wrestling’. He then said some strong words about the recent booking and said that these are ‘embarrassment to the business.’

He said: “No, it’s totally unsalvageable. That’s not wrestling anymore. So I don’t know what the f**king attraction is that anybody would be entertained by this horses**t. But no I wouldn’t book The Fiend except possibly a long stay at the mental institution. I mean the whole thing, the Firefly vignettes, the whole thing is an embarrassment to the business.”

The Fiend’s recent booking in WWE

The Fiend has had several high-profile matches like the Hell In A Cell clash with Seth Rollins, a couple of WrestleMania matches- one with Orton, and his match with Goldberg where he was squashed.

At TLC last year he was ‘burned alive’ by arch-rival Orton but he later returned to help Alexa Bliss. He then lost to Orton at WrestleMania for the second time and first time being for the WWE title at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.

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