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Warriors Young Star Feels Stephen Curry is Revolutionizing Basketball and Cementing His Legacy

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Warriors next generation stars are learning a lot from the francize GOAT Stephen Curry. In a recent media interaction, Brandon Podziemski shared his experience.

A recent tweet by ClutchPoints shared rising star Brandon Podziemski’s thoughts on Stephen Curry’s greatness. The tweet reads, “That’s, for me, kind of what solidified Steph [Curry] as one of the best players ever.”

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This statement highlights the immense impact Stephen Curry has had on young players like Podziemski and the entire NBA landscape.

The Warriors-Kings Series: A Masterclass by Stephen Curry

Warriors Young Star Feels Stephen Curry is Revolutionizing Basketball and Cementing His Legacy - THE SPORTS ROOM

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While the specific series Podziemski referenced isn’t mentioned, it’s likely he’s referring to the 2023 first-round playoff matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings. That series was a display of dominance by Stephen Curry, who averaged a staggering 33.4 points per game on a scorching 50.4% shooting from three-point range. He consistently took over games, showcasing his incredible shooting ability, playmaking prowess, and leadership qualities.

So why did this particular series solidify Stephen Curry’s place among the NBA’s all-time greats according to Podziemski? There are several possible reasons:

  • Clutch Performances: Stephen Curry’s ability to deliver in pressure situations was on full display throughout the series. He hit numerous clutch shots, including game-winners, that demoralized the Kings and propelled the Warriors to victory. These clutch performances solidified his reputation as one of the greatest closers in NBA history.

  • Dominating Efficiency: Not only was Stephen Curry scoring at an elite level, but he was doing so with incredible efficiency. His 50.4% shooting from three in the series was phenomenal, showcasing his mastery of the shot and his ability to get hot at any moment. This level of efficiency separates him from other high-volume scorers in the league.

  • Impact on the Game: Curry’s impact went beyond just his scoring. His ball-handling and playmaking abilities opened up the offense for his teammates, and his defensive intensity was on display throughout the series. He was a true leader on both ends of the court, demonstrating his well-rounded skillset.

Podziemski, being a young and upcoming player, likely took significant inspiration from Curry’s performances in the playoffs. Watching a player like Curry dominate a series with such a combination of skill, efficiency, and leadership can be a truly transformative experience for aspiring players. It showcases the level of dedication and hard work required to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

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