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Roman Shirokov’s “red” fury and a charge of “attempted” murder

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Roman Shirokov, ex Russian Football captain seems to be treading dangerous waters after the prosecutors of the referee punched by him have launched an attempted murder charge on Shirokov.

The entire incident which began on a meager penalty claim during the quarter-finals of the Moscow Celebrity Cup on August 10 quickly turned ugly. Nikita Danchenkov, the referee for the match turned down the appeal and handed a red card to Shirikov for verbal abuse following which the 39-year-old midfielder lost his cool and struck Danchenko across the face and kicked him repeatedly while on the ground.

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And now, the entire incident has taken a turn for worse with legal battles and trials looking to be on the cards.


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“If you show a red one, I’ll give you”

Lawyers of the 24-year-old referee claim that actions of Shirikov were “intended infliction of harm to health” and are thinking of charging the Russian footballer with charges of attempted murder.

The case was opened at the request of referee Nikitia Danchenkov and is being investigated under Article 115 of the Russian Criminal Code: intentional infliction of bodily harm (battery). Shirokov’s lawyer, Vadim Lyalin, told TASS that he is aware of the criminal case, but has yet to see an official act. Police officials didn’t comment on the reports.

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Eyewitnesses at the game have claimed Shirokov told the official, “If you show a red one, I’ll give you,” before making a gesture with his fist.

Shirokov had earlier apologized to Danchenkov following the fiasco via Instagram.

“I am well aware that not calling an obvious penalty and then showing a red card isn’t cause for throwing punches, I hope Nikitia will be back on track as soon as possible,” Shirokov had said.

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However, despite the lengthy apology, Danchenkov has decided to press charges, claiming that  Shirokov’s actions should be considered “attempted murder motivated by hooliganism.”


The road ahead for Shirokov-

The entire matter once again highlighted the not so beautiful moments of the beautiful game and with Danchenkov’s lawyers not in the mood to back down, chances are that this episode will end up in court instead of on the field.

The best course of action for Shirokov obviously remains another heartfelt apology to try and convince his prosecutors for an out of court settlement.

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