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NFL Linebacker Shaquem Griffin Calls It Quits At 27

Former NFL linebacker Shaquem Griffin is ready to take the next step. “Plan A was to go to college, get an education and do something that would make a positive impact in the world” said Griffin in a post in Player’s Tribune on Wednesday.

Shaquem Griffin was the first one-handed player to be drafted into the NFL after his selection in 2018 by the Seattle Seahawks and for three seasons he was with the team. He gained a lot of attention for his NFL career. On Wednesday, the 27-year-old announced his retirement from the league in a post on The Player’s Tribune.

The NFL player made several breaking news while he played football back at college at the University of Central Florida. The reason was his amputated left hand that happened when he was a child. Griffin was born with one condition which caused his fingers not to develop fully.

Griffin wrote: “The time has come for me to retire from professional football. It’s time for me to execute my Plan A. Honestly, it’s still a little surreal. After everything I’ve been through in my life — all the hard work, all the doubters — it’s almost unthinkable that I’m hangin’ it up and moving on from the game of football.  But I know the positive effect I’m having on others. I’m speaking at colleges and universities, talking to football teams and even presenting to corporate America about never doubting yourself and tirelessly pursuing your dreams. People at companies want to hear what I have to say when actually I’m the one that can learn so much from them. It’s crazy.”

During his time with the Seahawks Griffin played in 46 regular season games and four playoff games. The majority of his action on special teams was viewed by him and finished with 27 tackles and two sacks in 50 appearances. Griffin signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins in 2021 yet did not make the roster and last year he was out of the league.

“The Dolphins cut me before the 2021 season. I worked out for the Cardinals, the Titans and the Jets, and then I got calls from Buffalo, Dallas and Atlanta. But after that Jets workout, I realized something. All this traveling around, working out for teams, trying to catch on somewhere, trying to hang on — it wasn’t what I wanted. Football had already given me so much, and the only thing I still really wanted from the game was to play with my brother again,” he added.

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From 2017 to 2020, Shaquill, played for the Seahawks, who is the twin brother of Griffin. At present he is a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars where he’s a starting cornerback.

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