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Fans lose their mind over Shaq O’Neal’s “Shaqued” version of “Smack That”

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AI made songs are taking over the world and NBA star Shaq O’Neal just made his AI debut. The 4 times NBA champion posted a “shaqued” up video of “Smack That” by Akon featuring Eminem.

“Big Shamrock” has always been a fan of Akon. Shaq hosted the second edition of Shaq’s fun house in 2019 in Atlanta. Part of the star-studded guest list was a certain Senegalese-American musician named Akon. we have all taken pleasure in listening to his music over the years. Whether it is “smack that”, “Lonely”, “Right Now” or “Bonanza” he had just lit up the 2000s with his songs.

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Shaquille O'Neal

Dr Shaq is just taking it a step ahead and going from being a fan to being a competitor for Akon. Shaq with his AI-manufactured version of “Smack That” is sending waves around the Internet. Shaq posted a video of Akon’s “Smack That” with his face and voice instead of Akon’s. He posted the video with captions  “Shaq that made by @happycat.1989 #laughpeople,”.

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Fans react to Shaq O’Neil’s hilarious video

Shaq with his unique voice and a funny superimpose of his face on Akon is making fans lose their minds. Shaquille O’Neal is a born entertainer on and off the pitch. He never misses on entertaining his fans and pulling the spotlight on himself, this time was no exception. fans had some hilarious responses to this video

I need to see Ernie as Eminem,” One user commented, most likely referring to Shaq’s Inside the NBA co-host Ernie Johnson.

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A follower commented, “This man does everything in the world (Snoop too), but still finds a way to have too much time on his hands.” As a rapper, O’Neal already achieved platinum status. But if he officially released “Shaq that,” fans predict one thing will happen. “First he shattered backboards… now he shatters billboards…”

“Get Chuck involved, Chuck and Shaq duet” a fan commented.

 Shaq’s love of music is no secret

Shaq has always been involved with music. Whether it is hanging out with pop stars or releasing his own studio albums, soundtracks, and singles his love for music is evident

Shaq O'Neal

Shaq has released five studio albums to date. Shaq’s first-ever album was released in 1993 called  ‘Shaq Diesel,’. This album was followed by three more ‘Shaq Fu: Da Return,’ released in 1994, and ‘You Can’t Stop the Reign’ in 1996. The fourth one is called ‘Respect,’ which came out in 1998.

Dr Shaq released his fifth album, ‘Gorilla Warfare,’  last year, after making his fans wait for a long time.

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