It’s outside the box: Seth Rollins opens up about RAW Underground

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Former WWE Universal champion, Seth Rollins was guest on The Gorilla Position podcast. He discussed about the new concept that was introduced to Monday Night Raw.

“It’s outside the box”, believes Seth Rollins on Raw Underground

It's outside the box: Seth Rollins opens up about RAW Underground - THE SPORTS ROOM

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On this past week’s episode of Monday Night Raw saw a new segment that was introduced known as Raw Underground. It featured “shoot style” fights and hosted by returning Shane Mcmahon.

The new segment was mostly poorly received by the fans. WWE tried to do something fresh and came up with the idea of Raw Underground but could live up to the expectations of WWE Universe.

It's outside the box: Seth Rollins opens up about RAW Underground - THE SPORTS ROOM
MVP as the part of The Hurt Business

Shane McMahon wanted to prove the point that Raw Underground was a “hardcore” thing and anything goes. Superstars like Dolph Ziggler, Viking Raiders and Hurt Business also featured. A 7 feet tall monster named Dabba Kato also appeared and got straight two knockout wins. Though Raw was able to increase the ratings but ended up getting low ratings in the third hour. This proved fans haven’t bought the idea of Raw Underground. Shane McMahon will certainly push more to impress the WWE fans.

Seth Rollins defended WWE with this idea and said “Hey man, it’s outside the box.Our audience is different. They are begging for something different all the time, something new, something fresh. I think my verdict on it is TBD. Let’s see what happens. It could end up being ridiculous in a bad way or it could end up being ridiculous in a good way.”

Raw Underground

Seth Rollins believes this is just the beginning and there might be one or two changes to be made, some improvements to be made. It’s a new idea and new ideas take time to click.

He further added, “Obviously the first week got people’s attention. We jumped up a little bit in our viewership which is great, I had no idea what to expect when I saw it on the sheet. When I watched it back, I was not entirely offended by it, especially that it is a brand new idea in its infancy. Obviously they will make adjustments to it and figure it out along the way. I’m open to seeing what it becomes as time goes on.”

It was just the debut of Raw Underground past week and many more action to unfold in the future.

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