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“They’re Gonna Change The Script”- Fans Go Crazy On CBS Sports Chairman’s Super Bowl LVIII Overtime Prediction Conspiracy

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CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus shocks the entire football community with his shocking comments on the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs took on the San Francisco 49ers for the much-awaited Super Bowl LVIII. The match was a close contest between the two heavyweights and could have gone literally anyway.

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Kansas City Chiefs pulled off an overtime  25-22 win against the San Francisco 49ers. Though the Super Bowl is like a festival to many football enthusiasts, it is nothing more than a well-scripted” movie-like experience for some.

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus recently made some controversial comments on the Super Bowl’s validity and genuine as it unfolds. Conspiracy Theorists were thrilled by Sean McManus’ claims of a rigged SuperBowl and prior announcement of how the SuperBowl LVIII will unfold.

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Sean McManus

Sean McManus declared before the game that for the first time ever the audience will see a double overtime game in the Super Bowl.

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“The NFL has alerted us that, for the first time ever, we will have a double overtime game (in the Super Bowl).” McManus said.

Though the match did not have a double overtime it did go into a single period of overtime with both sides 19 after the end of regulation time.

Though many were perplexed at first by the tweets it it took little time to figure out that the CBS sports chairman was actually questioning the authenticity of the tournament and its final game.

NFL is working on widening its audience base and many conspiracy theorists believe that to do so they are making the games more interesting, thrilling, and closely contested.

many NFL Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the Kansas City Chiefs have reached the Super Bowl only because the NFL  Scriptwriters want more of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift as their love story is the main highlight of this year’s NFL season.

Sean McManus

Fans react to Sean McManus’ comments on the Super Bowl LVIII

“This was obviously a joke alluring to the concept of ‘scriptwriters’ in the NFL But damn would it be hilarious if the game went into double overtime, Sean McManus wouldn’t hear the end of it. lol” one fan commented on twitter.

“They’re gonna change the script. Just single OT” another fan replied.
Though the Super Bowl didn’t unfold like McManus thought it would, still many are convinced that the NFL is rigged and so are most of the sports in the world.
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