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Roman Reigns reveals the expected number of year he wishes to spend as a wrestler

“The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns has revealed how long he expects himself to be a member of the WWE roster.

Roman Reigns


Reigns has been a highly controversial WWE character due to the nature of his booking, as he has been constantly pushed as the top wrestler in WWE, leading to hostile reception from the professional wrestling fanbase.

However, following a five month-long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic owing to his immunocompromised state after battling leukemia, he returned as a heel wrestler, being paired with Paul Heyman. In stark contrast to his “Big Dog” persona, his new character, called the “Tribal Chief”, has been widely praised thanks in part to the storytelling and character building behind the new persona.


It seems that he wants to maximize his potential and wrestle for another 15 years. For a 35 year old, a decade and a half may be a lofty goal, but with his strength and determination, it may indeed be possible. He wears many hats, and he wants to wear the professional wrestling hat for quite a few years from now.

“Stronger than the last time I posted this lift. Progress is the daily, mostly and yearly goal. Enjoy the process of breaking through plates to continually get better … I told Neil when we first met over a year ago, that I want to grind it out for the next 15 years. I want to maximize my potential for the next 15 years. And I told him, ‘This is who I am, as a performer, as a talent, but I also am a father, I’m a husband. I wear all these different hats.’ And man, we’ve been on an unbelievable journey thus far,” Reigns said.

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He is up for a major match at WrestleMania 37, as he will look to defend his WWE Universal Championships against the Royal Rumble winner, Edge, who seems to be back in his “The Ultimate Opportunist” mode, and Daniel Bryan, who has won a World Championship in a three-way match in the main event of WrestleMania once before.


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