Rikishi laments the passing of his father to COVID-19

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Rikishi, the former WWE star belongs to the great Samoan dynasty, who have wrestling in their bloodline. He recently sat down for an interview with another former WWE star, D-Von Dudley on Table Talk with D-Von and shared a saddening story about the passing away of his father.

Rikishi said a final goodbye to his father through an iPad

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normalcy of the world in every field. The deadly Novel Coronavirus has taken several lives and making the situation worse day by day.

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The wrestling industry has not been an exception as well. During the interview, Rikishi talked about how his father passed away due to the dangerous virus. He revealed that after battling with COVID-19 for a couple of months, his father breathed his last on October 4.

“My father got hit with the COVID-19 on October the 4th. He’d been in the hospital for two months and finally, he laid to rest on October the 4th. I celebrated my brother, Umaga, he passed away December the 4th. My last name has four letters, F-A-T-U. Fatu in English means heart.”

WWE Hall of Famer spoke about how lost he was after his father passed away and repined over the incident. But, what hurts him the most was to bid adieu to his father through an iPad.

He said, “The most difficult time for me was to watch my father take his last breath to a damn iPad.”

Rikishi said that he regrets not being able to hold his father’s hand when he passed away and expressed his grief.

He said, “I think about all what’s happening that has led that moment up to that, to where I was denied the access to hold my father’s hand. I was denied the access to be there with him to his last dying breath.”

Rikishi sends a heartfelt message to everyone

The WWE Hall of Famer then sent a message to the ones dealing with the virus and said that these are the tough times and encouraged everyone to move ahead with their lives.

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi on Representing Samoa as an Expert on 'The  World's Best' - TV Insider

He said, “So, what I’m saying to everyone that’s got hit with this COVID-19 that’s going through some hard times, keep going onward, upward. Keep going forward because there is something that’s ahead for you that needs to be accomplished in your life. So, with love and respect, to all of you out there listening, thank you guys.”

The whole world is hoping to see better times ahead and trying the best to cope up with the current turmoil that the virus has created.

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