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Renee Young reflects on the WWE personnel she loved sharing the screen with

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Renee Young, a WWE employee for a period of eight years, left the company, with WWE Summerslam 2020 as her final event. In all these years, Young had become one of the most recognizable figures on WWE TV.

Renee Young

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While wrestlers, managers and authority figures take away much of the spotlight, it is not impossible for interviewers and ring announcers to steal some of it from time to time. The late great Howard Finkel, in his later years, was cheered whenever he appeared to announce. ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund was another such figure. In the recent years, no backstage interviewer has had attracted as much attention, that too almost totally positive, than Renee Young.

During her time with the promotion, Young appeared as an interviewer and in the more recent years as a commentator. She was also, once, attached to an in-ring programme, although she did not have a match in the ring.

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Young’s departure from WWE has been amicable, with WWE reminding her departure from time to time and posting appreciation tweets for her.

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Young Named Three WWE Personalities She Liked Interviewing

On The Bump, Young discussed the three people she liked interviewing the most. The three names are: Paul Heyman, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe.

I always love a good heel interview. I’ve had some really great moments with Paul Heyman, I think that was something that really sort of brought me up a level when I was doing a lot of my backstage interviews and whatnot. I think that really let me flex my acting chops a lot so I’ve always really thanked him and for those moments, I mean even him posting about those moments to know that they also mean something to him,” she said.

Kevin Owens is always really great because he would always just say ridiculous things and try to get me to pop,” she said.

Joe at point was doing a program with my husband and he would say stuff to me about Jon and that was the time that I would always feel like, you’re trying to be professional interviewer because that’s my role on camera but everybody knows that Jon and I are married to have to like get that little undertone of like ‘how dare you say that about my husband?’“, she added.

Young also wrote a letter to her colleagues in WWE.

The next destination for the 34 year old Canadian is yet unknown but considering her experience as a sports analyst and a Wrestling personality, she sure has a lot of options to choose from.

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