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The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes: WrestleMania 40 Is Here

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The upcoming WrestleMania 40 is already generating a lot of buzz, and with good reason. Recent developments have wrestling fans speculating about a potential dream match featuring Cody Rhodes. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon added fuel to the fire with a cryptic tweet hinting at The Rock and Roman Reigns’ thoughts on Rhodes’ comments about “finishing the story.”

The tweet, posted by @FallonTonight, simply reads:

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“The Rock [@TheRock] and @WWERomanReigns have some thoughts on @CodyRhodes ‘finishing the story’ ahead of @WWE’s #WrestleMania40 #FallonTonight.”

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This brief message has ignited discussions online, with fans trying to decipher what The Rock and Roman Reigns might have said about Cody Rhodes’ ambitions.

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The involvement of The Rock and Roman Reigns in this situation adds another layer of intrigue. The Rock is a legendary figure in professional wrestling, having headlined multiple WrestleManias and achieving mainstream success. Roman Reigns, currently the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, is arguably the top star in the company today. Their opinions on a potential Cody Rhodes return, particularly at WrestleMania, would carry significant weight.

Possible Scenarios for WrestleMania 40

With The Rock and Roman Reigns’ involvement being teased, several potential scenarios for WrestleMania 40 emerge:

  • The Rock vs. Roman Reigns Rematch: This highly anticipated rematch has been simmering for years. The Rock’s return could be to challenge Reigns for the undisputed title, potentially setting the stage for a monumental main event at WrestleMania.
  • The Rock & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes: A dream match for many fans, this scenario would see The Rock aligning with his cousin Roman Reigns to take on a returning Cody Rhodes. This would be a historic main event with the potential to break viewership records.
  • Cody Rhodes Challenges Roman Reigns: This is a more straightforward scenario, with Cody Rhodes returning to challenge the reigning champion for the undisputed title. While not involving The Rock, it would still be a significant match with major implications for the future of WWE.


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