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Watch: Referee reminds Josh Hart of the moment when he “went viral for a bit”

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New York Knicks’ shooting guard Josh Hart engaged in a witty conversation with the referee, after the latter called a foul following Hart’s push on Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James.

Josh Hart

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After the referee called a foul, Hart engaged in what appeared to be a protest against the decision. He went to the referee and argued that unless he had x-ray vision, it was impossible for him to judge the situation and correctly call a foul from that angle.

Then, the situation turned funny. Hart confessed that he had, indeed, pushed the NBA superstar. He agreed that it was a great call from the referee, but yet again, humorously, maintained his initial opinion that the referee could not possibly have viewed the situation from that angle.

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In that contest, taking place on 4th February, the Lakers defeated the Knicks 113-105. LeBron James, of course, was the decision maker for his team, contributing match-best 24 points. Hart himself had a decent game, scoring 12 points for the losing side.

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In their latest match against Detroit Pistons, the Knicks won 113-111. Hart had an excellent game, scoring 23 points, which, coupled with brilliance of Jalen Brunson (35 points) and Donte DiVincenzo (21 points) helped them to win the match.

However, a conversation between the referee and Hart attracted attention. It was the same referee who he had the conversation with in their match against Lakers. At one point in the contest, the referee approached him and noted that the shooting guard went viral for some time for their earlier camaraderie. He quickly agreed.

Josh Hart, a 6’5″ shooting guard, has carved a respectable niche in the NBA since his 2017 draft selection by the Utah Jazz (30th overall). Traded on draft night to the Los Angeles Lakers, He established himself as a dependable defender and a versatile contributor. After two seasons with the Lakers, he was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, where he further honed his offensive skills and earned his first playoff appearance in 2022.

Hart’s journey continued with a brief stint with the Portland Trail Blazers before landing with the Knicks in 2023. Notably, he recently secured a lucrative four-year contract extension with the Knicks, solidifying his position as a key piece of their future.

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