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Wimbledon 2022: Nick Kyrgios furiously rants at the umpire; Tsitsipas receives warning for hitting a ball into the crowd

The spectators at the Wimbledon 2022 have witnessed some dramatic developments as Nick Kyrgios furiously ranted at the umpire and supervisor during his third-round match with Stefanos Tsitsipas on Saturday. Tsitsipas also raged and hit a ball into the crowd. This led to him receiving a warning as well.

Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas cause absolute chaos

nick kyrgios tsitsipas

Nick Kyrgios lost the first set on a tiebreak and then battled back to claim a late break and level things up with the second set. It was just moments after he successfully won the set with some impeccable tennis display and Kyrgios was absolutely fuming.

Meanwhile, Tsitsipas also reacted to the loss of the set by hitting a ball into the crowd. As a result, he received a code violation warning from the umpire.

The Australian tennis star refused to play until he spoke with another supervisor about the rules. “He just hit a ball in the f****** crowd, are you dumb?” Kyrgios complained.

Upon his arrival onto the court, Kyrgios argued with the supervisor and said he would refuse to play on until his opponent was thrown out.

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“What classifies as that then? You can hit a ball in the crowd and not get hit with something? So now they have to be hurt? That’s a disgrace. You just change the rules whenever you want. Bring your supervisor out.

“What the f*** are you talking about, bro. It happened right there. What are you guys talking about? Bring out more supervisors, I’m not done. Bring them all out.”

Kyrgios saw this as unfair and demanded that Tsitsipas should be defaulted (disqualified) for the infringement. The Australian branded the umpire a ‘disgrace’ and then called for the supervisor to come out instead.

During this time, Tsitsipas went inside for a break. He was booed by the crowd as he re-emerged. Kyrgios’ protests went unheard and the game resumed. He eventually relented and agreed to play on.

The drama carried on as during the third set Tsitsipas responded in a furious manner to an underarm serve from Nick Kyrgios by smashing the ball once more, this time into the wall near the crowd. He received a point deduction and a second code violation as a result of it.


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