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NFL Week 4 betting odds, predictions and expert picks

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After a moderate Week 3, where SportsRoom went 11-5, we are into Week 4 of the NFL 2020 season. Unlike MLB, that saw a slew of athletes testing positive for coronavirus, no such problem has arisen for the National Football League.

NFL has taken the utmost precautions into holding the 2020-21 season. So much so that coaches like Vic Fangio, Jon Gruden, Sean Payton, Kyle Shanahan and Pete Carroll have been fined for not wearing masks and the fined has totalled to $1.7 Million.

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With that being said, let’s get back to Week 4, where we see some really compelling match-ups in Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcon etc.

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Thru week 2 and 3, our NFL expert is 25-7.


Denver Broncos (+105)

New York Jets (-125)

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Money Line Prediction: Broncos beat Jets (BET HERE)

Cleveland Browns (+180)

Dallas Cowboys (-225)

Money Line Prediction: Cowboys beat Browns (BET HERE)

Pittsburgh Steelers (+110)

Tennessee Titans (-110)

Money Line Prediction: Steelers beat Titans (BET HERE)

New Orleans Saints (-215)

Detroit Lions (+170)

Money Line Prediction: Saints beat Lions (BET HERE)

Minnesota Vikings (+175)

Houston Texans (-220)

Money Line Prediction: Texans beat Vikings (BET HERE)

Indianapolis Colts (-140)

Chicago Bears (+120)

Money Line Prediction: Bears beat Colts (BET HERE)

Los Angeles Chargers (+255)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-330)

Money Line Prediction: Buccaneers beat Chargers (BET HERE)

Baltimore Ravens (-750)

Washington (+530)

Money Line Prediction: Ravens beat Washington (BET HERE)

Arizona Cardinals (-180)

Carolina Panthers (+150)

Money Line Prediction: Cardinals beat Panthers (BET HERE)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+140)

Cincinnati Bengals (-165)

Money Line Prediction: Bengals beat Jaguars (BET HERE)

Seattle Seahawks (-290)

Miami Dolphins (+230)

Money Line Prediction: Seahawks beat Dolphins (BET HERE)

New York Giants (+510)
Los Angeles Rams (-720)

Money Line Prediction: Rams beat Giants (BET HERE)

Buffalo Bills (-165)

Las Vegas Raiders (+140)

Money Line Prediction: Bills beat Raiders (BET HERE)

New England Patriots (+240)

Kansas City Chiefs (-310)

Money Line Prediction: Chiefs beat Patriots (BET HERE)

Philadelphia Eagles (+250)

San Francisco 49ers (-320)

Money Line Prediction: 49ers beat Eagles (BET HERE)

Atlanta Falcons (+265)

Green Bay Packers (-350)

Money Line Prediction: Packers beat Falcons (BET HERE)


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