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NFL Week 3 betting odds, predictions and expert picks

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NFL Week 2 was arguably the easiest week for punters as the favourites managed to win 13 of the 14 matches that took place last Sunday.

In fact, numerous Sportsbook ended up losing money on the money on the Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers match. Chiefs managed to beat Chargers in a close 23-20 overtime game.

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According to Nick Bogdanovich of Williamhill US, Chiefs coming from behind and beating Chargers in the overtime had costed the Sportsbooks upwards of several seven figures.


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Sportsbooks like PointsBet, FanDuel, Borgata, Westgate Las Vegas also saw losses in seven figures.

SportsRoom managed a terrific 13-3 record for Week 2, to much delight of our readers. Heading into Week 3, there’s a lot of equations that could come into play that punters must keep in their mind before waging their bets.

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Giants star running back Saquan Barkley is out for the remainder of the season after an ACL tear. 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo and DE Nick Bosa are also hurt and could be out for a couple of games.

However, our readers shouldn’t have to worry about those equations as our experts are closely keeping a tab on those.


Miami Dolphins (+135)

Jacksonville Jaguars (-160)

Money Line Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars beat Miami Dolphin. (BET HERE)

Houston Texans (+170)

Pittsburgh Steelers (-200)

Money Line Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Houston Texans.(BET HERE)

Tennessee Titans (-135)

Minnesota Vikings (+115)

Money Line Prediction: Tennessee Titans beat Minnesota Vikings. (BET HERE)

Chicago Bears (+150)

Atlanta Falcons (-180)

Money Line Prediction: Atlanta Falcons beat Chicago Bears. (BET HERE)

Las Vegas Raiders (+225)

New England Patriots (-285)

Money Line Prediction: New England Patriots beat Las Vegas Raiders. (BET HERE)

San Francisco 49ers (-195)

New York Giants (+165)

Money Line Prediction: San Francisco 49ers beat New York Giants. (BET HERE)

Cincinnati Bengals (+180)

Philadelphia Eagles (-225)

Money Line Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles beat Cincinnati Bengals. (BET HERE)

Washington (+260)

Cleveland Browns (-340)

Money Line Prediction: Cleveland Browns beat Washington. (BET HERE)

Los Angeles Rams (+115)

Buffalo Bills (-135)

Money Line Prediction: Los Angeles Rams beat Buffalo Bills. (BET HERE)

New York Jets (+420)

Indianapolis Colts (-580)

Money Line Prediction: Indianapolis Colts beat New York Jets. (BET HERE)

Carolina Panthers (+230)

Los Angeles Chargers (-290)

Money Line Prediction: Los Angeles Chargers beat Carolina Panthers. (BET HERE)

Detroit Lions (+205)

Arizona Cardinals (-260)

Money Line Prediction: Arizona Cardinals beat Detriot Lions. (BET HERE)

Dallas Cowboys (+180)

Seattle Seahawks (-225)

Money Line Prediction: Seattle Seahawks beat Dallas Cowboys. (BET HERE)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-270)

Denver Broncos (+215)

Money Line Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Denver Broncos. (BET HERE)

Green Bay Packers (+145)

New Orleans Saints (-170)

Money Line Prediction: Green Bay Packers beat New Orleans Saints. (BET HERE)

Kansas City Chiefs (+165)

Baltimore Ravens (-195)

Money Line Prediction: Kansas City Cheifs beat the Baltimore Ravens. (BET HERE)


NFL Week 2 betting odds, predictions and expert picks


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