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NFL Week 2 betting odds, predictions and expert picks

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NFL is finally back and after an exciting Week 1, where we saw numerous teams pulling off upsets, we are now in week 2.

From a punter’s perspective, Week 1 was going to be tough, as all the players had their training during Zoom sessions with minimal physical contacts. There ought to be field rust amongst players.

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Unlike every season, the NFL didn’t have any pre-season games this time around, so we didn’t have any personal assessment or performance analysis on any player going into the 2020-21 season.


A lot of external factors will play a part in how each team performs, ranging from logistics to fans not being present in the stadium, which adds to the home-court advantage to some teams.

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While some teams like Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns had minimal fan presence, most teams are avoiding any kind of fan presence in the stadium.

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With week 2 rolling in, we have seen how the players performed in the opening week and can now wager our bets accordingly.


Chicago Bears (-245)
New York Giants (+195)

Money Line Prediction: Chicago Bears beat New York Giant (Bet Here)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+275)

Tennessee Titans (-360)

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Money Line  Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars beat Tennessee Titans (Bet Here)

Atlanta Falcons (+175)

Dallas Cowboys (-220)

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys beat the Atlanta Falcons (Bet Here)

Denver Broncos (+260)

Pittsburgh Steelers (-340)

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Denver Broncos (Bet Here)

Minnesota Vikings (+150)

Indianapolis Colts (-180)

Prediction: Minnesota Vikings beat the Indianapolis Colts (Bet Here)

Carolina Panthers (+295)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-390)

Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Carolina Panthers (Bet Here)

Buffalo Bills (-255)

Miami Dolphins (+200)

Prediction: Buffalo Bills beat Miami Dolphins (Bet Here)

San Francisco 49ers (-310)

New York Jets (+240)

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers beat New York Jets (Bet Here)

Los Angeles Rams (-110)

Philadelphia Eagles (-110)

Prediction: Los Angeles Rams beat the Philadelphia Eagles (Bet Here)

Detroit Lions (+230)

Green Bay Packers (-290)

Prediction: Green Bay Packers beat the Detriot Lions (Bet Here)

Washington (+245)

Arizona Cardinals (-320)

Prediction: Arizona Cardinals beat the Washinton football team (Bet Here)

Baltimore Ravens (-320)

Houston Texans (+250)

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans (Bet Here)

Kansas City Chiefs (-400)

Los Angeles Chargers (+310)

Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Chargers (Bet Here)

New England Patriots (+170)

Seattle Seahawks (-200)

Prediction: Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots (Bet Here)

New Orleans Saints (-235)

Las Vegas Raiders (+185)

Prediction: New Orlean Saints beat the Las Vegas Raiders (Bet Here)


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