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NFL Week 2 betting odds, predictions and expert picks

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NFL is finally back and after an exciting Week 1, where we saw numerous teams pulling off upsets, we are now in week 2.

From a punter’s perspective, Week 1 was going to be tough, as all the players had their training during Zoom sessions with minimal physical contacts. There ought to be field rust amongst players.

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Unlike every season, the NFL didn’t have any pre-season games this time around, so we didn’t have any personal assessment or performance analysis on any player going into the 2020-21 season.


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A lot of external factors will play a part in how each team performs, ranging from logistics to fans not being present in the stadium, which adds to the home-court advantage to some teams.

While some teams like Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns had minimal fan presence, most teams are avoiding any kind of fan presence in the stadium.

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With week 2 rolling in, we have seen how the players performed in the opening week and can now wager our bets accordingly.


Chicago Bears (-245)
New York Giants (+195)

Money Line Prediction: Chicago Bears beat New York Giant (Bet Here)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+275)

Tennessee Titans (-360)

Money Line  Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars beat Tennessee Titans (Bet Here)

Atlanta Falcons (+175)

Dallas Cowboys (-220)

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys beat the Atlanta Falcons (Bet Here)

Denver Broncos (+260)

Pittsburgh Steelers (-340)

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Denver Broncos (Bet Here)

Minnesota Vikings (+150)

Indianapolis Colts (-180)

Prediction: Minnesota Vikings beat the Indianapolis Colts (Bet Here)

Carolina Panthers (+295)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-390)

Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Carolina Panthers (Bet Here)

Buffalo Bills (-255)

Miami Dolphins (+200)

Prediction: Buffalo Bills beat Miami Dolphins (Bet Here)

San Francisco 49ers (-310)

New York Jets (+240)

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers beat New York Jets (Bet Here)

Los Angeles Rams (-110)

Philadelphia Eagles (-110)

Prediction: Los Angeles Rams beat the Philadelphia Eagles (Bet Here)

Detroit Lions (+230)

Green Bay Packers (-290)

Prediction: Green Bay Packers beat the Detriot Lions (Bet Here)

Washington (+245)

Arizona Cardinals (-320)

Prediction: Arizona Cardinals beat the Washinton football team (Bet Here)

Baltimore Ravens (-320)

Houston Texans (+250)

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans (Bet Here)

Kansas City Chiefs (-400)

Los Angeles Chargers (+310)

Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Chargers (Bet Here)

New England Patriots (+170)

Seattle Seahawks (-200)

Prediction: Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots (Bet Here)

New Orleans Saints (-235)

Las Vegas Raiders (+185)

Prediction: New Orlean Saints beat the Las Vegas Raiders (Bet Here)


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