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NASCAR and MGM Announce Director for Rom-Com ‘Clean Air’

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NASCAR launched its Netflix series earlier in 2024 to boost viewership and attract more fans. According to the plan, the series successfully drew in new fans and quickly became one of the most liked series soon after its streaming debut. Now, NASCAR is gearing up for its next project, planning a new entry into Hollywood. Adam Stern recently shared on X, unveiling the director for the upcoming movie.

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Mahoney’s unique vision infuses Clean Air with authenticity and heart. Her experience in both action films (The Old Guard 2) and character-driven stories makes her the perfect choice for this genre-blending project.

Clean Air promises to be a feel-good movie that will leave audiences cheering. Directed by Victoria Mahoney, known for her work on The Old Guard 2, this romantic comedy brings together the high-octane world of NASCAR and the heartwarming journey of its characters.

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Plot Summary and Characters of NASCAR movie


Lyla, an ambitious sports agent, faces a career-defining challenge when she loses her superstar client just before the start of NASCAR’s season. Undeterred, she decides to take a chance on a rebellious female dirt track racer named Piper Kyte. But there’s a twist: Piper’s reclusive father, Matthew Kyte, a former NASCAR champion, hasn’t been seen in four years. Lyla’s mission isn’t just about getting Piper-ready; it’s also about reuniting father and daughter.

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  • Lyla (Ambitious Sports Agent):
    • Lyla is determined, resilient, and passionate about her job. Losing her superstar client pushes her to think outside the box and take a risk on Piper Kyte.
    • As she navigates the world of dirt track racing, Lyla discovers that success isn’t just about winning races; it’s about healing relationships.
  • Piper Kyte (Rebellious Racer):
    • Piper is a firecracker on the racetrack. Her rebellious spirit and raw talent catch Lyla’s attention.
    • Beneath her tough exterior, Piper carries the weight of her strained relationship with her father. Racing becomes her escape and her chance at redemption.
  • Matthew Kyte (Former NASCAR Champion):
    • Matthew Kyte is a mystery. Once a celebrated champion, he walked away from the sport, leaving fans and the racing world bewildered.
    • Lyla’s challenge is not only to prepare Piper for NASCAR but also to mend the broken bond between father and daughter.

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