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Nadal thinks Djokovic’s coach was “arrogant” with his claims before French Open finals

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Rafael Nadal has come forward to blast Giran Ivanisevic over arrogant comments he made before the French Open final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

And while the win may be a matter of the past, the distant echoes of that fixture at the Roland Garros final continue to be heard to this day. In the latest episode of events, Rafa himself has come forward to state that he thinks Ivanisevic, who is a member of Novak’s coaching staff, was a bit arrogant in predicting that Nadal would have absolutely no chance against the Serbian world number 1.

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Ivanisevic on the other hand has come forward to accept his mistake for what he claims were “ambitious “remarks.


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 “I was a bit too ambitious saying that Nadal did not stand a chance”

Goran Ivanisevic himself has come forward to quash all the rumors surrounding the entire episode and claims that he predicted what he felt was right according to the circumstances.

I honestly meant what I said. My right is to say what I think and to believe in my player. I thought it this was Novak’s year in Paris,” Ivanisevic told Sport Klub

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I always state my opinions directly, however it did not turn out that way. F**k it, it is what it is.
“Nadal has shown me that I was wrong, obviously. That is it. We move on.”Ivanisevic concluded.
However, what Ivanisevic had said was the common notion among the tennis fans this year, with Novak on a juggernaut, the colder than the normal atmosphere, and the fact that the new Wilson ball is less responsive to Nadal’s topspin forehands.
That all was obviously before Rafa produced the most perfect display of tennis ever seen at Rolland Garros, winning the final in straight sets and bagelling the world number 1 along the way.

“It was a bit arrogant of him,” claims Nadal

Rafael Nadal had earlier expressed his displeasure with the claims made by Novak’s coach.

“It was a bit arrogant of him. But in fact, the conditions were better for Novak,” Nadal told La Resistencia.

“I swear that I hadn’t heard what Ivanisevic said before the final. Someone told me after,” said Nadal on being asked whether he used the comments as a source of motivation before the fixture.

The fact that Nadal produced one of the best displays of tennis of his career when almost everybody had written him off and the odds were stacked heavily against him goes on to further prove the giant mental fortitude of this modern-day legend.

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