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Most Popular Sports in Northeasternmost US State – Maine

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Maine is arguably among the most beautiful states in the US. Known as the Pine Street State, its natural beauty comes courtesy of its many forests, rocky shorelines, and many natural wonders. However, while Mainers love nothing more than appreciating their state’s stunning beauty, they also share a love for sports. 

However, which sports do people in Maine rank as the best? Which do they enjoy watching more than others, and which will they wager on after using this best legal Maine sports betting site’s information page? That is exactly what this article will clear up, so carry on reading. 

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Baseball – Maine’s Most Popular Sport

If there is one sport that is consistently at the top of the popularity charts, it’s baseball. For a start, Mainers are stout followers of the Portland Seadogs, a Minor League baseball team that finished the 2021 season in second place. Established in 1994, the Portland Seadogs has since won five division titles and one league title, which came in 2006. A visit to the Hadlock Field will quickly show you how popular this team is, as the 7,368 seater stadium usually sells an average of 6,000 tickets per game.

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Hockey – Two teams and Tons of Fans

Due to having two local teams to support, Hockey is another sport followed by many that live in Maine. As well as being popular with adults that love nothing more than watching their favorite teams, this is also a sport that many children and teenagers enjoy playing in their spare time. 

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The success of the Maine Nordiques, a team that plays in the NAHL, one of the best US junior hockey leagues, is a big reason for its popularity throughout the younger generation. The Maine Mariners who compete in the ECHL are the other team that represents the state and like the Nordiques, the Mariners attract a big following whenever they play. 

Boxing – Biggest Fights Always Popular in Maine

Boxing is another sport that ranks among the most popular in Maine. This popularity is helped by the heavyweight division, providing some blockbuster fights in recent years. The Deontay Wilder trilogy of fights against Tyson Fury brought in huge viewing figures across Maine. The third fight, in particular, was so popular that it was even screened in movie theaters across the states. 

Professional Football / College Football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the US, so it is no surprise to learn that it’s also thought fondly of in Maine. Many in Maine follow both professional football and college football. While the state does not have its own teams, there are lots of fans that follow teams from the states that do have major football teams. The Super Bowl, in particular, always attracts millions of viewers from within the state. This sport is also among the most bet on by people living in Maine. 

Basketball – Another Favourite in Maine

It goes as no surprise that basketball is another of the sports that people in Maine love to play, watch and participate in MVP voting. The sport is currently the third most popular in the US behind football and baseball. Maine does not have a professional basketball team of its own, but as with other sports, locals will have favorites from other states that they like to follow. While dedicated fans will keep up to date with the regular season, it is the playoffs and championship games that peak attention in Maine. 

Soccer – Gaining in Popularity

Soccer might not be as popular in the US as it is in many other countries around the world, but it is still classed as one of the ‘big five’ sports in the country. Women’s football is actually more popular than men’s due to the success of the US national team. However, true fans of the sport will follow some of the world’s best leagues such as those in the UK, Spain, Italy, and France. The World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world, also attracts plenty of viewers, especially if the USA has qualified. The US national team looks set to qualify for the BYJU sponsored 2022 World Cup and, should the team seal that qualification, you just know that sports fans in Maine will tune into their country’s matches. 

The Final Whistle

It is important to note that Mainers love all kinds of sport, so while those mentioned above always prove the most popular, many will have interests in others such as tennis, volleyball, athletics, motorsports, and mixed martial arts (MMA) as well. As for those that love to combine watching sports with some sports betting, sometimes the sport involved is not that important if they can see value in the bets they are placing. A lot of the entertainment instead comes from the anticipation of those wagers coming in. 

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