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Inter’s worst transfers: Diego Forlán

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In the early 2010s, the “Inter” of Milan rapidly went from a Champions League winner to a Serie A average. This was in part due to unsuccessful transfers. If you want to know the football scores today with the participation of this team, open the sports statistics website, because it covers each confrontation in detail.

Among the unsuccessful transfers of the ”Nerrazzurri” we can also mention Diego Forlán. The Uruguayan forward joined the team in 2011. The experienced Uruguayan was already 32, but it seemed that he would still be able to help the club to perform successfully in Serie A and on the international stage. A year earlier he had become the best player of the World Cup 2010, and in the 2010/11 season he scored 10 goals for Atlético. It’s not a lot, but it’s an acceptable result considering his age and the fact that he had less and less game practice.

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However, Inter’s hope for Forlan was frankly unsuccessful. For the entire 2011/12 season he only played 20 games and managed to hit the opponents’ goal only twice. Although there was no fee for his transfer, but expectations of the player were much higher.

Inter's worst transfers: Diego Forlán - THE SPORTS ROOM

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It is not surprising that already in the summer of 2012 Forlan left the ranks of “Inter”. Then, in his career there were a lot of exotic championships such as Japan, Brazil and others. But the end of his European career with the “Nerrazzurri” was a disappointment.

Why Forlan failed to show his potential in Italy

Immediately after the 2010 World Cup, in which Forlan with the Uruguayan national team reached the semi-finals, the player began to decline dramatically. His speed and sharpness of shot were gone. That is why Atlético did not prolong his contract. It seemed that in Italy, where the matches today are covered on the sports statistics website and all the football scores will be available to you like the palm of your hand, the player will be able to spend a couple of good seasons.

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But Forlan failed in Inter and the main reasons for this include:

  1. The overall regression of the team. If in 2011 the club won at least the Italian Cup, then in the 2011/12 campaign it came out of everything at an early stage. The age-old leaders could do nothing and the experienced Uruguayan did not help either.
  2. The more closed style of the Italian league. Here the striker had fewer chances. In addition, he was not allowed to open up, he was fouled regularly. Forlan is simply not adapted to such a tough style of play.
  3. Lack of chemistry and understanding with partners. The player never managed to integrate into the new team. Partners trusted him very little, rarely gave him the ball. That’s why the psychological insecurity of the player is so high.

His departure from Inter in the summer of 2012 was a logical decision against the background of the fact that the player hardly managed to help the team.  Later, the club continued to regress for several seasons in a row. And Forlan, especially given his age, was no longer able to return to the same level as he was in Spain.

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