Mickie James reflects on the return of Eva Marie after 7 years

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The former WWE star Mickie James recently gave her take on the former WWE star Eva Marie, who is set to make her return to the company on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw since her release in August 2017. Marie had signed a deal with WWE back in September of last year.

Mickie James was part of the group who were released on April 15 this year alongside Chelsea Green, Billie Kay, and Peyton Royce due to the budget cuts amid COVID-19.

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The return of Eva Marie was slammed by the fans as they expressed their anger on WWE. It was because that they decided to bring back Eva Marie of all people.

Mickie James says “Not everybody has to be a five-star wrestler”

Mickie James

Mickie James recently spoke with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions podcast and spoke about Eva Marie returning to the company while others were fired.

According to James, what important is the fact that not everyone has to be a ‘five-star’ pro wrestler and as long as Marie has a strong gimmick and sell tickets, it should be fine.

She said: “I know she’s been down in NXT working and stuff. I don’t think wrestling was ever her thing. I still believe there’s a role for everybody and not everybody has to be a five-star wrestler and have dream matches.If their character is strong and they can sell tickets and ratings, then it works. Fans are like, ‘You just had these budget cuts and let all these people go and then you debut someone else?’ They always debut new talent after WrestleMania, so it falls in line. “

The former WWE Women’s Champion praised Marie and admitted that she respects her for having millions of followers. The fact that she was able to rebrand herself and her endeavours outside the squared circle have earned her respect.

Marie is returning with a new gimmick and WWE with a vignette promoteed the ‘Eva-lution.’ Eva Marie last made her appearance in WWE back in 2017 and she had parted ways with the company in August of that year. It is to be seen how her debut return to the company goes and what storylines are in store for her