I feel awful: Mickie James on losing to Natalya on Raw comeback

Mickie James

Mickie James, the WWE veteran wrestler, returned to in-ring competition on August 17, episode of Monday Night Raw. She faced Natalya following her comeback after being away for than a year.

Mickie James frustrated on her comeback

Mickie James

The Summerslam go home episode of Monday Night Raw saw Mickie James facing Natalya. After a hard hitting battle, the wrestlers did a spot where Mickie James was knocked down by Natalya from the top turnbuckle. This caused Mickie to get counted out and Natalya won.

The WWE Universe didn’t take the incident lightly and took to Twitter during Raw and expressed their frustrations. Mickie James had suffered torn ACL that caused her to sideline. This was the first time Mickie James was featured in on screen match since Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, but even her entrance was cut. She returned to RAW backstage in the past week.

Mickie James was interviewed backstage following her defeat by Natalya and she explained that she made a comeback to cement her legacy in WWE. She wants to reinstate her career. But the loss to Natalya was totally disappointing.

I feel awful: Mickie James on losing to Natalya on Raw comeback - THE SPORTS ROOM

Mickie James said, “I feel awful, I feel awful and not because I’m hurt, I feel better than ever. You know, I’ve been off for a year and a half, off of WWE television. I’ve been away, I’ve been at home, I’ve been rehabbing, I’ve been working my butt off, to get back, and not just to get back but to get better than ever. I come back… and I come back with these goals, and to reclaim who I am in this business, and to really build my legacy, and the first person I run into is someone who I considered a sister, someone who I considered a locker room leader. A fellow veteran, and someone that helped pass the torch, and lead the future, and she’s completely been blindsided by Lana and this obsession with social media, and whatever else… that it’s completely blown my mind.”

I feel awful: Mickie James on losing to Natalya on Raw comeback - THE SPORTS ROOM

Mickie even referred to the Tiktok incident when Lana was recording her during the match and said, “I didn’t expect to lose my first match back, I didn’t expect to come back and have someone who I considered a fellow veteran act like a 20 year old. My nieces have TikTok, they’re 13… come on. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t even know what to say, I’m so frustrated, honestly. Just gonna have to go home, reset, re-focus…”

I feel awful: Mickie James on losing to Natalya on Raw comeback - THE SPORTS ROOM

Mickie’s husband, Nick Aldis took to Twitter as well and tweeted.

Mickie James is former 5 times WWE Women’s champion and 1 time WWE Divas Champion.

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