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Melbet App for Android & iOS | How to download and install

Melbet app is an easy to use software designed for online betting from your smartphone. It has a clear interface and standard navigation, and its design uses classic brand colors – yellow, gray white. The powerful utility has all the necessary functionality for sports prediction, casino games, making deposits, viewing real-time statistics, participating in promotions.

Melbet Android app

Mobile app is not distributed through Play Market, as well as other gambling software. To install it, you must download the APK file, which is available on the page with mobile content on the bookmaker’s website.

How to download and install Melbet apk?

Melbet App for Android & iOS | How to download and install - THE SPORTS ROOM

The principle of installing the client program is standard and involves a few steps:

  1. Visit the bookmaker’s site. 
  2. Go to the content page. Scroll down the page and click on the yellow “Mobile Applications” banner.
  3. Download the Melbet apk file. Tap the green Android logo and confirm the software download.
  4. Install the app. Open the downloaded file with one click and click on the button to install the software.

While downloading and running the installer, the system may alert you to possible damage to the OS, because the software is not downloaded from the Google store. In this case you need to enter the security settings and temporarily allow the installation of software from unverified sources.

Melbet App for iPhone and iPad

For owners of smartphones and tablets running iOS developed a separate utility. It is available in Apple’s digital store, so its installation takes a minimum of time.

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How to download the Melbet app for iOS?

Melbet App for Android & iOS | How to download and install - THE SPORTS ROOM

Use our instructions to download the app to your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to Melbet website from your mobile device;
  2. Go to “Mobile Applications”;
  3. Tap on Apple logo;
  4. Download application from App Store.

If you live in a region where sports betting is banned, temporarily change your Apple ID. Go to the settings section, select your Apple ID profile and enter the “Language & Region” menu. Select the “Region” and enter “Cyprus” in the appropriate field.

Melbet Mobile Sports Betting

On the website and in the Melbet app the sports line, betting options and odds are the same. Every day at least 1,000 events are offered for betting. In addition to standard disciplines such as soccer, hockey and basketball, there are sports popular in India:

  • Kabaddi;
  • Cricket;
  • Horse racing;
  • Dog racing;
  • Chess;
  • Golf;
  • Baseball;
  • Rugby;
  • American soccer;
  • Australian Rules.

There are also more exotic markets – cockfighting, tekball, keirin, trotting and hockey. Great conditions are created for the fans of eSports disciplines. Bets on CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, King of Glory, Valorant, Rainbow Six are accepted.

No less favorable offers are available in the section for betting during the match. On the weekend 800-1000 events are offered. The bookmaker can’t be reproached for poor coverage: for unclaimed soccer matches there are 100, and for volleyball matches – about 20-30 options for betting. Soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket, cyber sports and table tennis are the best in the LIVE section.

Application Functionality

Melbet App for Android & iOS | How to download and install - THE SPORTS ROOM

Melbet app India is a powerful utility that has all the tools for sports prediction and use of other gaming services:

  • Accumulator of the Day. Every day, the bookmaker offers its own variants of expresses with increased odds. They include the most popular sports events.
  • Live betting. From a mobile device accepts bets in real time, which allows you to catch the most favorable odds.
  • Video broadcasts. Live streaming is offered for popular games in soccer, cricket, basketball, horse racing and other disciplines. This option is available to bettors with a positive balance and those who have at least one active bet.
  • TV Games. Place your lottery bets in real time while watching the actions of professional broadcasters. Here you’ll find several variations of the game, which starts every half hour.
  • Live Casino. The app has several hundred live dealer games from well-known software providers: Vivo Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Gameplay Interactive. HD broadcasts will delight you with excellent graphics and sound effects.

Melbet Mobile Casino

As we have already mentioned, Melbet app India has additional sections with gambling, you can switch between them with one click:

Games21, Daily Tournaments, Lucky Wheel
CasinoSlots, Live Casino, Other
TVBet1Bet, Lucky6, Wilbet, Poker, Battle, 21Bet, Joker, Keno, Tin Party, Mega6


The gambling room has several thousand activities, which include: 3D slots, jackpots, table and card games, and roulette. In the section with live dealers you will find the best software from NetEnt, Playtech, Play’n Go, Ezugi. In the catalog no less than 20 disciplines, including Tin Pati, Andar Bahar, poker, blackjack, Asian baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, automatic roulette.

Melbet official website mobile version

Melbet App for Android & iOS | How to download and install - THE SPORTS ROOM

The mobile site offers the same products as the native app. It has an adaptive design, so it automatically adjusts to the screen diagonal of your tablet and smartphone. It is suitable for betting, playing casino games, managing your account, contacting support operators, watching video broadcasts, and checking statistics and game results.

The web client has several advantages over the app:

  • Does not require downloading and installation;
  • Does not occupy the internal memory of your device;
  • Supports older OS versions;
  • Runs in almost all mobile browsers;
  • Doesn’t need to be set up and updated.


The bookmaker has released Melbet app, which is considered one of the best on the gambling market. Install it on your phone to always be up-to-date and make bets regardless of access to a PC. 



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