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Mark Henry reminisces the days as World Heavyweight Champion in WWE

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Mark Henry, the former WWE star recently joined WWE The Bump. During the conversation with the panel he recalled the time when he had the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Mark Henry wishes some things could have changed

Mark Henry had a great career in WWE and not sure if he sent all his opponents to the Hall of Fame but certainly sent them to his ‘Hall of Pain’. He has had many memorable moments in his career of which the notable one was his stint in the company as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Mark Henry reminisces the days as World Heavyweight Champion in WWE - THE SPORTS ROOM

Alongside the panel, the ‘World Strongest Man’ Henry looed back on some of his career highlights and when he won the World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Randy Orton at Night of Champions back in 2011.

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However, he admitted that he wants some things could have went down differently that night and wishes if he could changed the things which he did not speak about in details.

He said: “Watching it, great athletes point out the mistakes. They see everything that went right and go, ‘That was supposed to go right.“But they were a couple of little things that I would have changed.”

He continued: “I’m not going to get into them. I saw the imperfection. When you get to the point where you have greatness, and all you see are the imperfections, you know you’re on the right route.”

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Mark Henry’s reign as the champion lasted for 91 days but he believes that he was a ‘good’ and ‘fighting champion’. He said, “I knew I had to present myself like a World Champion. I planned on doing that, and I think I did do that. I was a good champion. I was a fighting champion. In my departure, I left the business better than when I came into it.”

During the show, Henry also sang Ron Simmons praises and revealed that he had inspired him in many ways along his career. Simmons was Henry’s stablemate in the Nation of Domination and was also the first African-American pro wrestler to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. This had inspired Henry to follow his footsteps and achieve greatness in his career and eventually getting hold of the World Heavyweight Championship.

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