Mark Henry believes Roman Reigns is a future Hollywood icon

Mark Henry
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Mark Henry, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about the wrestler-turned-actors, The Rock and John Cena who made their names during their spells and became successful actors when they went to the Hollywood. ‘The World Strongest Man’ then picked up a star from the current roster who could potentially succeed in his acting career as well.

Mark Henry named Roman Reigns to be a successful actor

Mark Henry

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During a recent interview, Mark Henry, the former WWE star did a comparison between The Rock and John Cena.

The Rock became a global superstar following his stint with WWE as he focussed on his acting career. He was named the highest-paid actor of 2020. The sixteen-time World Champion, John Cena also followed similar steps of ‘The Great One.

Mark Henry shared his working experience with both the stars and addressed both of them to be well-studied. He also revealed their similarity that helped them become successful in their respective careers.

Mark Henry believes Roman Reigns is a future Hollywood icon - THE SPORTS ROOM

Mark Henry said, “John Cena and The Rock is commonality because both of them are well-studied. I’ve never met anyone in my life that studies more and prepares more than Dwayne [Johnson]. He was over prepared for every single situation that he would go in to, and John Cena is one of the brightest people that I’ve ever met. From the time that he used to ride with me and we used to rap on the drives in Louisville when he was The Prototype, his first 6-7 weeks in the WWE, I knew that he was going to make it because of how smart he was.”

Mark Henry believes that Roman Reigns, who is the Smackdown star and cousin of The Rock could possibly see himself as a successful actor as well as going forward in the future. He recently acted in Fast and Furious movie, Hobbs & Shaw along with ‘The Great One’.

Mark Henry believes Roman Reigns is a future Hollywood icon - THE SPORTS ROOM

Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion and has become a top star of the company. His recent change in the gimmick and heel turn has helped him cement his top spot on the roster.

‘The Tribal Chief’ persona, with Paul Heyman in his corner, will help him reach the heights of success in WWE and who knows, according to Mark Henry’s words, he could end up becoming a great actor in Hollywood.

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