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Madusa slags off WWE for using female dancers in Raw Underground

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WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, probably more well-known as Madusa, from her stint in WCW and other promotions, spoke against WWE’s decision to feature half-naked female dancers at the Raw Underground segments of WWE’s weekly Monday Night show.


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WWE recently started a segment named Raw Underground on the eponymous show. Created as a rating booster, it features Shane McMahon leading an underground ‘Fight Club’ like organization where wrestlers brawl without rings and rules, in a shoot fighting-like scenario. While the less known talents like Arturo Ruas and Babatunde has been more highlighted through the segments, more well-known main roster stars such as Shayna Baszler, Erik and members of The Hurt Business are also featured from time to time.

However, the use of female dancers has generated criticism from the fanbase. Madusa properly pointed out that the use of female dancers is more of a call-back to the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras when women were merely used as eye candies, and the reuse of such traits goes against WWE’s women’s revolution.

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SO? We are bringing back half naked women in the same breath of promoting the evolution and equality of women? Yes this is entertainment yes this is a skit yes this is acting yes these are wrestlers why resort to women sexually dancing opening a show? Why not Men in speedos?” Madusa, known as an excellent wrestler during her prime, tweeted.

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Lance Storm Went On To Support Madusa

Former WWE employee and another person who was considered a masterful wrestler, Lance Storm, fired back at the company with full support to Madusa’s statement. “I agree with your point completely. I will pop huge tonight though if they do a women’s Underground and have 3 Chippendale type dancers. If you’re going to do eye candy and least do it for everyone,” he replied.


The Raw Underground segments have been divisive, with some fans applauding them for the grittiness and for putting over a style not seen in WWE programming. On the other hands, many fans have sighed at the lack of any reasoning behind the segments, and no light on the future of the dominators of the underground club. The connection of the segments with the main Raw roster is also unclear at the moment, despite performers from Raw getting into brawls against the ‘Underground’ fighters.

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