YouTuber Logan Paul challenges influencers to a $10,000 wrestling match

Logan Paul

Logan Paul wants a wrestling match against influencers with $10,000 be the prize money if anyone can beat him.

Logan Paul in squared circle?

Logan Paul

Youtube star, Logan Paul, who is said to be a big wrestling fan has challenged influencers to a wrestling match. He took to Twitter and posted, “$10,000 to any influencer who can beat me in a wrestling match.”

Some Youtubers replied to his tweet. Youtuber, Chris Van Vliet said, “Somebody needs to book this.”

WWE Hall of Famer, Alundra Blayze proposed a match saying, “Intergender wrestling… I double that! no wait $25,000 if you win in a match against a woman….”

Even Logan Paul was challenged to a MMA fight when Joel Morris’ tweet read, “$100,000 if you can beat me in an octagon”.

A fan said, “Looks like KSI is gonna be $10000 richer.”

Another joked about the tweet and said, “Isn’t wrestling staged, just like all your videos and pranks?”

Though he never mentioned if he wants the match to be pro or an amateur bout but fans are speculating it to be a pro wrestling match, provided he is a WWE fan.

YouTuber Logan Paul challenges influencers to a $10,000 wrestling match - THE SPORTS ROOM

The 25 year old has an amateur wrestling background and qualified for Ohio High School Athletic Association Division I Individual Championships in 2013. Logan Paul previously faced KSI, Youtube celebrity and rapper in a boxing match that ended in a draw. Last year, they faced off again and Logan Paul faced defeat in the 6th Round.

Logan Paul gained popularity and rose to fame back in 2013 posting sketch videos on the Vine app. He later started his Youtube channel. His channel has received over 22 million subscribers and 5.5 billion views, and he is ranked the 54th subscribed channel in the United States, and has a spot among the top 140 subscribed channels on the Youtube platform.

YouTuber Logan Paul challenges influencers to a $10,000 wrestling match - THE SPORTS ROOM

He was ranked 10th most influential figure on Vine, and generate huge amounts of advertising revenue with his videos. His Facebook videos had more than 300 million views.

Paul has worked in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He also appeared on the Fox TV series Weird Loners. He appeared in two episodes of the series called, Stitchers. He has also worked opposite Peyton List in Youtube Red movie, The Thinning. Logan Paul has won two Teen Choice Awards for Male Web Star and Comedy Web Star.

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