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Logan Paul feels he “stands a chance” against Floyd Mayweather

After making just one professional boxing appearance so far, YouTuber Logan Paul has landed himself an opportunity of a lifetime- an exhibition bout against none other than Floyd Mayweather.

Touted as one of the greatest ever in the sport, fifteen times world champion Floyd Mayweather moved to exhibition boxing after retiring from his professional career in 2017. The 50-0 iconic pugilist fought Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan in December 2018.

The fight between Floyd and Logan was officially announced on 6th December last year. Originally slated to take place on 29th February this year, the fight has been postponed till 6th June and will be held at the  Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

I’ve never been intimidated by Floyd: Logan Paul

For both casual to dedicated boxing fans, the undefeated Mayweather easily has the upper hand against Logan who has lost in his only one professional fight and that too against fellow YouTuber KSI.

Despite having to face an entity like Floyd in the squared circle, the 26-year-old still feels that its not an “impossible” task to walk out as the winner, and cites his height and weight advantage over “Money”.

“I’ve never been intimidated by Floyd or anyone, so I think I stand a chance,” Logan said on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, “you’d be lying if you said it was impossible, he’s human, it’s a fight and anything can happen. I’m 30 pounds heavier, half his age, a foot taller and I work my ass off so I don’t know, anything could happen.”

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Considering the difference in size between the two, Mayweather is 5 ft 8 in while in comparison, Paul towers at 6 ft 2 in, something Paul even used to dig at Mayweather. There is also a 50-ish pound difference between them and also, Logan is 26 while Mayweather is 44 years of age.

Nonetheless, Logan admits that the fight is indeed one golden circumstance and was just too good to pass up, as he believes that the fight will continue to be a hot topic generations after generations.

People ask the question ‘why would I fight Floyd Mayweather?’ It’s because my kids’ kids will talk about this,” the YouTuber went on, “Generations to come will talk about this moment in history and when I accepted this fight I understood the magnitude of what a special event this was.”

“You don’t turn down an opportunity to fight a specimen like Floyd Mayweather; the greatest fighter of our generation. My whole life has been overcoming challenges, exceeding expectations, surprising people and doing what ‘could not be done’ and this doesn’t feel any different to me,” added Logan.


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