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Ezekiel Elliott under investigation after pet dogs bite 2 neighbors

Three time Pro Bowler Ezekiel Elliott’s name is up on the headlines again, but the Dallas Cowboys running back is not the perpetrator this time- its his pet dogs, who have been accused of biting two neighbors.

According to police reports, three of Elliott’s dogs, including his Rottweiler named Ace, escaped their owner’s home in Frisco, Texas around 9:30 AM on Thursday when the Frisco Animal Services, a division of the city’s police department were called on the spot.

As soon as they arrived, all three of the dogs were eventually corralled, but the Rottweiler had already bitten two people. The two injured bystanders were admitted to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

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Ezekiel Elliott issued three “Animal at Large” citations

As reported by Tom Steele of the Dallas Morning News, Elliott has been cited for three counts of “Dog at Large”, while the Rottweiler was put on a mandatory 10-day quarantine hold. The cops also added that further investigation has been launched on the matter as well.

However, this is not the first time that Elliott has gotten into trouble with the law because of his canine comrades. Back in March last year, the same three dogs had attacked a pool cleaner.

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The same Rottweiler had bitten the woman on her arm and dragged her, while the other two Bulldogs attacked her legs. Claiming that she had to undergo surgery for the injuries, the woman has sued Elliott for more than $200,000.

Despite the multiple accusations on the dogs, Elliott is very fond of his pets, and is never shy to show his love towards them on social media. The 25-year-old even has a tattoo of the Rott on his forearm.

A former Ohio State Buckeyes star, Elliott joined the Cowboys in 2016 as a first round draft pick. On his debut season in the NFL, he was selected in the First-team All-Pro, and on the same year, became a Pro Bowler, and subsequently in 2018 and 2019 as well.

He made his professional debut against the New York Giants, rushing for 51 yards on 20 attempts, and scored his first touchdown on an eight-yard run, as the Cowboys suffered a close 20-19 defeat.

Across his five NFL seasons, Elliott has made 71 appearances for the Cowboys, and has clocked a total of 6,384 rushing yards, 45 rushing TDs, 1,957 receiving yards, 241 receptions and 10 receiving TDs.


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