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Levan Was Here: Devon Larratt Gets Bicep Tattoo Honoring Levan Saginashvili

Devon Larratt and Levan Saginashvili- the biggest rivalry in the world of arm wrestling at the moment. But, off the table, the two men are known to hold innumerable amounts of respect for one another, and the latest gesture from “No Limits” showed how much he appreciates his Georgian adversary.

This is a tribute to the greatest champion: Devon Larratt

In the biggest anticipated matchup of the year, Devon and Levan locked arms back in June in the main event of King of the Table 4 in Dubai. While Levan was considered as the favourite to win the super match, many expected Devon, who is currently at his peak physique, to give his rival a tough time. However, the “Georgian Hulk” was spectacularly dominant on the table as he made easy work of the Canadian to a clean 6-0 margin.

Devon, who continued the match despite a bicep injury, took the loss sportingly, and has never been shy to admit the sheer and raw strength of Levan that has put him at a strata leagues above the rest of the arm wrestling elite. And in a latest move to honor him, Devon etched Levan’s name on his arm during a recent tattoo session.

In a recent video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Devon was seen vising a tattoo parlour in Downtown Tijuana. “After Levan hurt me, I want to get something to immortalize it so we’ll see how it works,” he said before getting inked on the bicep that was injured during the match.

“This is a tribute to, I think, the greatest champion that arm wrestling’s ever made and in it, there’s some fact, there’s some humor. Please don’t take it as disrespect. I love my match with Levan and this will help me immortalize it on my body so that’s why I’m doing it,” he further stated.

“Right where that big dude gets my arm, that’s where I’m getting the tattoo. Beautiful, like I think it says Levon was here,” he added while getting the tattoo, which spells ლევანი აქ იყო (Levan was here), along with a cat with the number 415- what Levan weighed at KOTT 4.

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