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Kurt Angle thought Brock Lesnar was dead after botched Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania 19

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WWE Hall Of Famer and Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle recently discussed his infamous Wrestlemania 19 match against “The Beast Incarnate,” Brock Lesnar.

Kurt Angle


In the main event, Brock Lesnar faced Angle for the WWE Championship, where if “The Olympic Hero” was disqualified or counted out, he would lose the title. At one point in the match, he attempted another Angle Slam, however, Lesnar countered into an F-5 for a near-fall. Lesnar performed another F-5, and instead of covering his opponent, Lesnar climbed to the top rope and memorably botched a Shooting Star Press on him, which he covered for by pinning Lesnar for a near-fall.

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On the very first episode of his podcast, Angle discussed the match in depth. While the competitors told Vince McMahon that they would take it easy in the main event, the atmosphere of the arena and the seriousness of being in the main event did not let them do so as they tried to put on their best performances.

The most memorable moment of the match was, of course, Lesnar’s infamous botch of the Shooting Star Press, a move that he had used successfully multiple times during his developmental career.

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When Lesnar hit that move, his competitor actually believed that he had broke his neck and was lying dead in the ring.

“When he went to jump, he hesitated and then just said ‘awe f*** it, I’m just going to go.’ I think that hesitation caused him to fall off balance forward so he couldn’t get a full rotation backward when he went to flip. When he landed, I thought he was dead. I thought he broke his neck, I thought he was dead,” Angle said.

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He went over to Lesnar and asked him if he was okay. However, Lesnar did not reply to his question. He then covered him as quick as possible and almost desperately asked him to kick out of the pinfall attempt.

After the match, Lesnar was disheveled and forgot that the duo were supposed to hug and become friends in Kayfabe. Later, he refused to get into an ambulance to go to hospital for a checkup before the Hall Of Famer successfully talked him into it.


“It was my idea. Brock had no plans of doing the Shooting Star Press. I told him ‘Hey, I know you used to do it in OVW, this is a great WrestleMania moment,’ and boy was it. Especially that he messed it up because everybody remembers the botched spot. It’s a great WrestleMania moment and it will be remembered forever,” he added.

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