Kurt Angle reveals how Ric Flair saved his career in 1996

Kurt Angle Ric Flair
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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently opened up on legendary wrestler Ric Flair, whose tip of advice helped ‘The Olympic Gold Medalist’ in his pro-wrestling career. ‘The Nature Boy’ has helped many stars during their careers.

Kurt Angle reveals a conversation with Ric Flair

Kurt Angle Ric Flair

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Kurt Angle revealed that it was Ric Flair’s advice that made him choose WWE over WCW back when he was considering a switch in 1996.

Ric Flair had tried to recruit Kurt Angle to pro-wrestling in 1996 and had told him to join WWE instead of WCW. Angle revealed that Flair often tells him that he saved his career by suggesting him to join WWE.

While speaking on his podcast The Kurt Angle Show, the former Olympian revealed that Ric Flair’s conversation with him in 1996 had a major part to play in helping Angle reach his true potential. Angle admitted that had he joined WCW, his career would not have taken off like it did in WWE.

Kurt Angle said: ‘‘Oh God, Ric brings it up all the time. He actually rubs it in my face: ‘Hey, I saved your career by going to WWF instead of WCW. But Ric was right. I think if I went to WCW, they probably wouldn’t have utilized me like WWE did. I’m very grateful for Ric’s advice. He directed me in the right direction.”

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Kurt Angle sheds praise on Ric Flair

5-time WWE champion Kurt Angle also praised Ric Flair and said that being a pro-wrestler he thinks about his opponent and he is not selfish at all. He further stated that The Nature Boy is not a political person and always tries to look out for people. Angle further said that Flair is one to always give the right advice.

kurt angle flair

Angle had finally joined WWE in 1998 and instantly became one of the biggest stars during the attitude era. However, Flair was not a part of WWE at the time and it was only after the company purchased WCW that Flair returned to WWE in 2001.

‘The Nature Boy’ recently had requested for a release from Vince McMahon’s company and he was granted a release. He made an appearance at AAA TripleMania, being at the corner of his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo, who unsuccessfully challenged Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship.