Seth Rollins has an interesting message for his younger self, FIND out what!

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WWE star Seth Rollins has come a long way in his pro-wrestling career, starting his journey in the independent circuit in his hometown of Iowa, to winning the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania.

He has achieved a plethora of accomplishments throughout his entire journey and has become a veteran in the true sense. Now, he has quite an interesting message to his younger self. Ever thought about what could it be?

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I probably would have told myself to slow down a little bit: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins had earned his way in the main roster of WWE after a successful stint in NXT, as he was the inaugural NXT Champion.

Ahead of SummerSlam this weekend, Seth Rollins sat down with Miguel Leiva of Planeta Wrestling to discuss all WWE. When asked what advice Rollins would give his younger self, he admitted that he would tell himself to slow down.

He responded that he would have advised to slow down his momentum. The former WWE Champion explained, that advice would not have seen him skipping his days of work.

He revealed that early on in his career, he did not get the chance to enjoy to the fullest about the happenings around him.

‘The Architect’ said: “I probably would have told myself to slow down a little bit,” Seth Rollins said. “And not in the sense that I need to take more days off or anything like that, but man, the first few years of my career, I didn’t really get a chance to fully enjoy what was going on around me.”

Seth Rollins has several accomplishments in WWE

seth rollins

Seth Rollins further added that he was ‘hyper-focused’ to climb the ladder of success. He added: “Yeah, I was so hyper-focused on ascending the ladder and getting myself in a position where I could be at the top of the food chain in WWE, and you know that’s very stressful sometimes, so I just didn’t take the time to enjoy the little things as they were happening to me.”

Rollins earned fame in the main roster being part of The Shield stable alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Rollins is a Triple Crown Champion, a Grand Slam Champion, and is the only wrestler to have held all three of WWE’s current world titles (WWE, Universal, and NXT Championships). He will face the WWE Hall of Famer Edge at Saturday’s SummerSlam event.