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Julio César Chávez Sr Opines Floyd Mayweather Is Below Him In Greatness: I Would’ve Beat Him In My Peak

Boxing legend and former three division world champion Julio César Chávez Sr is not really on board with Floyd Mayweather Jr being called the best of all time in the sport.

Floyd chooses his opponents… has everything in his favor: Julio César Chávez Sr

Julio César Chávez is considered one of the greatest fighters in history. The Mexican maestro remained undefeated in his boxing career his 90th fight, aside from winning countless world titles, which gave him great respect and admiration from thousands of fans and pundits in the sport.

And it is that one of the topics of debate in recent years has been whether Floyd Mayweather is actually above several boxing legends, as he retired with an untouched 50-0 records, and the American even sees himself being the best fighter of all time, which has brought annoyance on the part of Chávez Sr.

As “The Caesar of Boxing” spoke to ESNEWS recently, Mayweather is far below his feats and even outlined the reasons why he cannot measure up to him.

“I was undefeated in 89 fights, fought 37 world champions, and 37 world title fights,” said Chavez Sr (translated by ESNEWS). “I always fought the best, not him (Mayweather), he chooses his opponents and it will continue to be that way. But, that’s the boxing era we are in, so we have to respect it.”

“People pay to go see him fight, so why should he care he can retire undefeated cause he’s never fought the best. He always chooses his opponents, always fights in Las Vegas, he has everything in his favor.”

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Speaking about an imaginary fight between him and “Money”, Chavez Sr sees himself as the victor, but admitted that it would be no cakewalk for him.

“It would’ve been a difficult fight for me, but I think I would’ve beat him in my peak, cause I was a fighter that would apply relentless pressure- attacking the body, the head, the body, and by the twelfth round I would’ve knocked him out.”

“None. Honestly, none” Chavez Sr responded when asked if any fighter today would’ve been a world champion in the 80s.

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