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John Brzenk reveals he could retire after defeating Devon Larratt as it would drive the Canadian ‘Insane’

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Officially named by the Guinness Book of World Records, as the “Greatest Armwrestler of All Time”, John Brzenk is a name that is one of the most iconic names in the sport of Arm Wrestling. Nicknamed “The Golden Boy”, Brzenk has proved his worth time and again on the table with impeccable pulling techniques that has etched his moniker as an elite and the world will witness him return to action on 11th December as Brzenk goes up against none other than Devon Larratt.

John Brzenk

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2021 has already gifted the global arm wrestling community one of the most anticipated and biggest matches in its history- the rematch between Devon Larratt and Michael Todd aka “King of the Table 1“, which took place on 29th May at the Conrad Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with Larratt winning the matchup. And now, we are just a week away from witnessing another grand arm wrestling event, with Brzenk and Larratt headlining “‘King of the Table 2”.

Ahead of the Devon Larratt matchup, Brzenk went live on Aussie ArmWrestler’s YouTube channel where the two had a laugh over various topics regarding arm wrestling, as well as answered some of the questions from the viewers in the chat.

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John Brzenk didn’t pull much with his left arm during his youth

When a viewer had asked Brzenk to get Aussie ArmWrestler’s 3rd place left handed Melbourne trophy, the 57-year-old said that he feels third place is the maximum that he can really target with his left because he has been mostly pulling with his right during his youth. “My left’s not that good, but third place is something that I can probably set my sights on,” said Brzenk.

Recalling if he actually ever came third in a tournament, Brzenk revealed that at times he had to call it quits because he was unable to continue with his left.

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“Left handed, yes I’ve actually dropped out of tournaments because of my left arm just basically giving out. My left’s never been that good, its from lack of pulling when I was a kid you know right handed was kind of the thing to do when I was growing up so it got all the attention and I didn’t really start pulling with the left until I was probably in my late 20s-30s and it just never, never would cooperate.”

John Brzenk hints to play the retirement card to press Devon Larratt for rematch

Brzenk is the reigning UAL Right-Handed Champion (Heavyweight Division) which he won in 2011 and was last seen in action in the World Armwrestling League where he defeated Devon Larratt to become the Right-Handed Champion (Heavyweight Division) in 2015. Now, as he is making his much awaited coming back to the sport via the Devon fight this weekend, another viewer asked Brzenk if he would consider retiring from the sport after defeating Devon, which the viewer thinks would drive the latter insane.

In response, Brzenk said its not the way he wants to retire but also added that he may do that just to upset Devon or to up the stakes for the subsequent rematch.

“Oh I mentioned that I think in about three or four shows ago, I mentioned I would do that just to really upset him (Devon), no I would never do that but I don’t know what it would take from him to get me that upset to pull something so bad as that,” he went on, “I’d just say, “Hey Devon you know it’s gonna cost you a lot more in order to get that rematch.”

John Brzenk’s first world championship win was in Canada, but all of his career triumphs are special to him

Recalling his first-ever world championship win, Brzenk stated while several small organisations in the early days would call their premier tournaments ‘world championships’ his first one was in Canada, with the US joining in with the hosts.

“My first world championship probably wasn’t a huge deal because you know every organisation would have their “World Championship” so a world championship that I can remember in the early years, I didn’t really participate in the WAF because there just wasn’t any money even in the early years I was always about going to money tournaments,” Brzenk continued, “I think my first world championship was a tournament in Canada. It was just the United States and Canada that really participated back then in the sport of arm wrestling.”

When asked to pick his favourite title out of the many he has won in his career, Brzenk revealed that all of his championships have a special place in his heart.

“People ask me this question all the time, “What’s your most favourite? What’s your most memorable? What’s the biggest-biggest-biggest…”, and they’re all big in some way. Obviously, Over The Top was huge, but Golden Bear was just as exciting. Going into Russia in the early 90s when they had guys with machine guns in the lobby…I got a lot of favourites, in their own little special way,” he added.

Check out the full interview below on Aussie ArmWrestler’s YouTube channel-



  • Devon Larratt and John Brzenk will face one another at the King of the Table 2 event in Dubai on 11th December
  • Devon Larratt is coming off of a win over Michael Todd at King of the Table on 29th May
  • John Brzenk was last seen in action against Larratt at WAL 2015 when he became the R: Heavyweight Champion

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