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Joe Biden posts Batista endorsement on YouTube

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On his YouTube channel, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has posted an endorsement from Professional wrestler-turned-actor Batista.


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Batista has been a vocal critic of the current Prez Donald Trump, previously endorsing Bernie Sanders in the primary process of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

The video mentions Batista as a WWE Hall Of Famer. While he was announced for the honour, The Hall Of Fame ceremony was scrapped because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Batista, alongside the likes of Jushin Thunder Liger, has not been inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame yet.

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In the video, he Guardians Of The Galaxy star calls Prez Donald Trump a fake tough guy and a bully.

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Comparing people who are tough in reality and who fake toughness, Batista concluded that Trump falls in the later category.

“It’s easy to lie and bully people. That does not make you a tough guy,” Batista said about Trump, who, incidentally, is a fellow WWE Hall Of Famer.

“It’s easy to tell someone what they want to hear. However, it’s not easy to tell someone what they need to hear. [When Joe Biden speaks] ‘We’re not in good shape, but this is how we’re going to get out of it,’ That is being tough,” he added.

“A leader is someone who can unite people, someone who takes responsibility. That is toughness. That is Joe Biden. The guy who is respected, who can talk to people, who can work out disputes. The guy who can be a leader, and one who is stepping back into this fight for Americans. It’s that simple. That is the guy we need running this country,” he added.

Batista Hasn’t Been Seen In WWE Since ‘Mania 35

The last time we saw Batista inside a WWE ring was at Wrestlemania 35, where he lost to Triple H, whose career was on the line in a No Holds Barred match, due to interference from fellow Evolution member Ric Flair.

With Randy Orton as the WWE Champion on his 14th reign, He may be seen again in a WWE ring, in a non-wrestling role for a segment or two, due to his history with The Apex Predator.

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