Jey Uso reveals one feature of WWE ThunderDome he hates the most

Jey Uso
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Jey Uso, the WWE star has given his thoughts on the WWE Thunderdome. During a recent interview on The Gorilla Position Podcast, he opened up the feature of Thunderdome that he is not a big fan of.

Jey Uso hates the piped-in crowd noise in Thunderdome

Jey Uso, who is currently having his singles run in WWE discussed the piped-in crowd noise that is used in the Thunderdome to enhance the experience of the fans and the ambience.

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Jey Uso

Jey said that he hates the noise as it does not provide the energy of the real crowd and he has to draw the energy from himself or the opponent he is facing.

He said, “I can definitely hear the piped-in noise [when I’m inside ThunderDome]. I hate it, though. There is no energy. I have to draw that [energy] from either myself or my opponent.”

Jey Uso compares the current scenario of the arena to be “like dancing in an empty room”. There might be virtual crowd present at the Thunderdome but the absence of the real crowd is a big factor.

Jey Uso reveals one feature of WWE ThunderDome he hates the most - THE SPORTS ROOM

He said, “Typically, you know how it is when you walk through the curtains, and there are people [providing you with that energy]. However, now it is like dancing in an empty room instead of when it’s go-time with the people. That part I miss, because I have to draw that from within myself, Uce,”

Jey Uso misses the live crowd

After the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE stopped allowing the entry of the crowd. Instead, they introduced WWE Thunderdome at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. But needless to say, nothing can take the place of the real crowd.

The electrifying atmosphere and the energy that they provide are crucial aspects of any wrestling show. Jey Uso also agrees with that aspect and misses the fans, especially the children.

Jey said, “I used to walk down the aisle, and put my hand out to meet the fans, especially children. When I was a kid, I touched the hands of Ultimate Warrior, and that’s cool stuff which always sticks with you. So yea, those special moments I miss a whole lot.”

“I really, really miss the people. That’s what made wrestling special, just like football. A live audience”, added Jey Uso.

Jey Uso reveals one feature of WWE ThunderDome he hates the most - THE SPORTS ROOM

Jey Uso is set to battle Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship in a first-ever, ‘I Quit’ match inside the Hell in a Cell structure at Hell in a Cell pay-per-view this Sunday.

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