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Jewel Thief Says He Feels No Guilt For Robbing Kim Kardashian In Paris In 2016

American socialite Kim Kardashian would bear a resemblance to the robbing terrors in Paris in the year 2016. As it is recalled that 12 masked men implemented a robbery which saw the businesswoman held at a gunpoint as millions of dollars of assets of jewelry were thieved. The man who was charged with robbing Kim seems to have partly confessed that he does not feel bad about the incident.

In the 2016 heist, Yunis Abbas was accused in connection with the happening. He did an interview with Vice News circulating what he says that he deviated from his plans and executed the bristle job where they stepped away with millions in stolen jewelry.

He elucidates that on social media they were following Kim Kardashian through her show, and kept marks on her the time she came to Paris that year. The influencer’s movements were being covered by social media of her own and others. The press also covered every detailed information of the media personality.

They observed Kim was showing off a lot of jewelry online and in person as Abbas explains. And they noticed she had a lot of money, especially from what they could eye on the television show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

It seems like Abbas and co. were doing planning for weeks, and when the day came he says they conceived their plan to a T.

Even though he says he stayed downstairs meantime his associates went up and performed the illegal act. He makes it appears like it was comparably not difficult to accomplish. Abbas continued by saying that he was really unaware of Kim initially also Kanye. The fellow says he absolutely doesn’t regret his part in the crime when asked.

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His reasoning comes down to this he witnessed Kim “throwing money away,” and rationalize his efforts by saying he was simply picking up what he thought she clearly did not care about. Thus, there is no repentance actually however he admits she must have been traumatized by everything.

Kim herself has spoken on the repercussions at a length saying she was scared for her life, and that she would have been harmed badly well yonder that happened in reality.

In addition, it radically changed her behavior growing, especially the time it came to security and flourishing jewelry. Hearing the tale from one of the suspects themselves is appealingly engrossing.

Speaking about his involvement Abbas has not been shy. Since then he has written a tell-all book, while he has also evidently pled not guilty to the charges against him. A total of 12 men were charged in connection to the incident which seems it is still continuing to date, with the case being sent to trial last fall. Although it is not clear where things stand at present.

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