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He’s just misunderstood: James Harden’s former teammates come forward in his defence

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James Harden- the name has made multiple rounds across headlines in recent weeks and social media. The former Houston Rockets guard’s move to Brooklyn Nets has been received with mixed reactions, with many prominent faces in the NBA contingent raising eyebrows over the transfer. However, Harden’s former teammates take a stance in defending the player’s decision.

With the 2018 MVP himself wanting to move out of Houston, James Harden’s transfer to the Nets which also involved Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers has been met with criticism, especially from the likes of NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley.

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All that being said, James Harden is not without backing and has found support in former NBA and college basketball teammates Jason Terry and Greg Howell.

Ex-teammates speak up for their ‘misunderstood’ James Harden

Former Rockets guard and the current assistant coach of Arizona Jason Terry, as well as Harden’s high school teammate and close friend Greg Howell, have come forward to defend the move.

“I just think he’s misunderstood,” Terry, who spend 2 out of his 19 seasons with Harden at Houston, told Zach Braziller of the New York Post.

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“I know those same guys who have won those championships, and they enjoyed themselves as well in the same fashion as James,” Terry added.

“He does things his way,” Harden’s Artesia High School teammate Greg Howell acknowledged about the 8-time All-Star, “He only knows how to be James.”

All in all, James Harden’s transfer is already looking beneficial for both the player and the team. Lining up with his former teammate Kevin Durant, Haden gave a jaw-dropping performance in his debut for the Nets as they thrashed Orlando Magic 122–115.

The 31-year-old scored 32 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists, becoming the first NBA player of all time to land a 30-point triple-double as a debutant, first in the franchise as well as the seventh player in the history of the league to score a triple-double on debut.

With eight wins and six losses, Nets are currently fifth in the Eastern Conference and will host Milwaukee Bucks next.

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